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Big Child Creatives: Gladiators Pack

Bei Big Child Creatives geht es in die Arena.

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Gladiators Pack – 112,39€ (ohne MwSt.)


“When the end is near, a man must have achieved a purpose.”

Marcus Verus, a Secutor from the roman province of Dalmatia, captured by the roman legions when he was just a child, has lived in slavery all his adult life and today is one of the favorites of the plebs in the Coliseum. Nothing makes Marcus’ blood burn more than a good fight under the roman sun and nothing would honor this Secutor more than to fight against the Emperor himself.


“Death greets us, we are here to greet him back…”.

Originally from Gallia Narbonensis, Murmillo Lucius Benitus was part of the Ludus Magnus, one of the greatest gladiatorial schools in the Empire. After a life of glory and honors, Lucius has become a sure bet for the stakes of the noble roman patricians and is just waiting to enter the Arena to give the public what they expect. Lucius has become enormously famous for the length of his career and for having been honored with the honor of freedom twice, and having refused it both times.


“The Arena of the Coloseum is the heart of Rome, a gladiator is the blood that runs through its veins.”

Nbata is a tough and hardy Retiarius arrived in Rome from distant and mysterious Nubia. He is a member of the gladiatorial school of the Italian city of Capua. In his first fight in the Arena he fought alone against two gladiators much more experienced than Nbata. His triumph attracted the attention of the Emperor of Rome himself, who in his constant search for spectacle for the people, formed this team of three gladiators to face the dangers of the Colosseum.

This pack includes 4 figures:

  • Murmillo
  • Thraex
  • Secutor
  • Retiarius

In addition to get 2 exclusive pieces of the pre-sale and download the scenic base of our diorama in STL.

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