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Battle Kiwi: Tools für Warhammer 40k

Battle Kiwi haben einige neue Tools für die 10. Edition veröffentlicht.

Das 40K Data Slate 10 für 20,88€

BattleKiwiDataSlate BattleKiwiDataSlate2

This hand sized delight tracks all your Warhammer 40K 10th Edition essentials.
Track command points, primary mission points, secondary mission points, round number.
Large bright numbers make it easy and clear to keep tabs on the game at hand.
Comes complete, pre-painted, and ready to play.

Die 40k Battle Box für 7,66€ – 49,04€ (je nach Ausstattung)
BattleKiwiBattleBox (1) BattleKiwiBattleBox (2) BattleKiwiBattleBox (3) BattleKiwiBattleBox (4) BattleKiwiBattleBox (5) BattleKiwiBattleBox (6) BattleKiwiBattleBox (7) BattleKiwiBattleBox (8) BattleKiwiBattleBox (9)

Prepare yourself for the perfectly executed battle plan in your games of Warhammer 40,000 with the ultimate battle box in the known universe!

Get into the battle fast with organised magnet stacking layers. From selecting your mission, right through to tracking your points to glorious victory this Battle Box will give you a tactical advantage.

Available as a complete Warlord Bundle with Dice Tray or Lid options. (Also compatible with your existing standard Battle Kiwi Dice Tray.)

  • Mission Card Stack: Separate your primary mission selection and deployment cards. Card slots to separate attacker and defender secondary missions. 253x150x27mm
  • Tool Logistics Stack: Transport your tools of war. Dice, rulers, tape measure – store them here. 253x150x35mm
  • Mission Command Stack: Track your stats. Rotating dials to monitor primary mission points, both secondaries, command points, and game round. Secondary card holders for fixed or tactical mission play. Tray to keep special dice separate. 253x150x9mm
  • Dice Tray*/Cover: Special Black Edition Illustration. Dual function – also serves as Battle Box Lid (included in Warlord Dice Tray Bundleor purchase separately) 260x156x78mm
  • Battle Box Lid: Kiwi Aquila covers command panel. (included in Warlord Lid Bundle or purchase separately) 253x150x74 mm

Das 40k Tactical Command 2 player Board für 14,05€

BattleKiwiTacticalCommand (1) BattleKiwiTacticalCommand (2)

The Tactical Command board works great to track and easily display all the information Generals need when commanding their armies. Perfect for your games of Warhammer 40K 10th Edition.
This command board is designed for both players to share on the tabletop and keeps everything in one place…and stops those tracker dice from being accidentally picked up!

The board has spaces for:

  • Command Points tracking for both players
  • Slot for displaying Primary Objective card
  • Primary Objective tracking for both players
  • Secondary Objectives 1 + 2 tracking for both players
  • Turn Counter
  • Dice slots accept up to 16mm dice.

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