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Avatars of War: Legendary Minotaur Regiment

Avatars of War finanzieren bei Kickstarter eine Siores-Neuauflage ihrer Minotauren.

AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 1

AVATARS of WAR: Physical Forge is proud to announce the Legendary Multi-part Minotaur Regiment

By achieving the stretch goals, we will unlock a wide range of customization options, ensuring that each of your Minotaurs will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 2 AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 3 AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 4

Introducing this new Add-on, Minotaur Chieftain with Great Weapon, let me tell you, this is the first minotaur that Felix Paniagua sculpted, dating back to November 2009, a whopping 14 years ago! It’s a miniature that has been completely discontinued for a very long time, and we wanted to bring it back just for this Kickstarter campaign. For minotaur’s enthusiasts, collectors, and painters, this is a perfect opportunity to acquire this relic from the golden age of miniatures.

And remember, it will only be available during this campaign, If you want to acquire this hand-sculpted miniature, just like in the old days, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity.

And don’t forget to remember that there are 2 Minotaurs Lord available as well.

AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 5 AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 6

A comparative photo to appreciate the sizes.

AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 7 AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 8

Welcome to our exclusive Kickstarter campaign! We are thrilled to present you with this unique opportunity to become one of our valued backers. We want to emphasize that this campaign is exclusive to the Kickstarter community, and these miniatures in physical format will only be available through this platform. Join us in this exclusive Kickstarter campaign and be part of something truly special!

AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 9

Our goal is to fund the Tooling and Production of our digital Legendary Multi-part Minotaur Regiment in physical thermoplastic miniatures.

Avatars of War and Miniaturas Alemany team-up in this Kickstarter to bring you a Multi-part Minotaur Regiment for Wargames, Tabletop-games, Painters and Collectors, cast in Alemany System (SioCast) new hard thermoplastic resin.

Avatars of War sculptor Felix Paniagua has designed and sculpted all the miniatures in this Kickstarter. Felix has been professionally sculpting fantasy miniatures for 25 years and has worked for several companies in the miniatures industry (Games Workshop and Privateer Press among others).

Luis Alemany is a mouldmaker with more than 30 years of experience, and the creator of the famous Alemany System for thermoplastic resin injection (SiOCAST), used widely nowadays in the miniatures industry to produce both fantasy and sci-fi miniatures.

SiOres HARD is a new material specially developed for miniatures. Following the success of our previous material, we wanted to go further and develop a best product.

Main Features:

  • Harder and easier to clean. Cleaning is easier than ever, clean like HIPS with the same tools.
  • No more fluffiness
  • Better surface quality
  • Extremely durable and rigid
  • Better for assemble
  • The maximum level of detail

Non-Toxic, Toy Safe and EN-71 compliant

With SiOres Hard clean your miniatures like never before !!

With SioRes Hard there is no need on priming or clean the raw miniatures and the paint won’t peel or crack when you manipulate, touch, or bend the mini. Painters love it !

A side-by-side comparison between our digital renders and the actual physical thermoplastic production models. We’re thrilled to showcase the meticulous attention to detail and the stunning resemblance captured in both versions. From the intricate musculature to the menacing expression, every aspect has been faithfully translated from the digital realm to a tangible masterpiece.

AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 10 AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 11 AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 12 AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 13 AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 14


The Starter Set contains the components necessary to assemble 5 Minotaurs, including 5 different torsos, 5 different legs, 7 variations of head, and 6 variations of great weapon. Also included are all of the components needed to assemble a drummer, banner bearer and a lider. Supplied with 40mm Square bases.

AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 15

Stretch Goals:

By completing the stretch goals we will have an endless customization options, each of your minotaurs will be one of a kind.

  • 5.000€: First Stretch Goal Unlocked: Right Hands Weapons and Shields!
  • 6.000€: Unlock Extra Heads, Torso and Leg.
  • 7.000€: Unlock Left-Hand Weapons.

AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 16 AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 17


Production and shipping will be from Spain and will ship worldwide.

  • Spain: 5€
  • European Union: 10€
  • Rest of the World: 15€

AoW Avatars Legendary Minotaur Regiment 18

Die Kampagne läuft noch 6 Tage und ist finanziert.

Quelle: Legendary Minotaur Regiment PHYSICAL FORGE


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  • Naja, neu ist das nicht: Die modularen Minotaur sind aus ihrem Patreon April 2023-und nun als KS. Aber cool sind sie auf alle Fälle! 😀

  • Hallo zusammen, ich hoffe, dass es euch allen gut geht,

    Mein Name ist Ignasi und ich bin für die physische Abteilung bei Avatars of War verantwortlich, was bedeutet, dass ich dafür zuständig bin, Kreationen aus dem digitalen Bereich in greifbare Meisterwerke zu übersetzen… Ein Hauch von Alchemie!

    Wir sind sehr nah dran, das zweite Stretch-Ziel zu erreichen! Und wir brauchen einen Schub,

    Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung! Und entschuldigen Sie, wenn ich Rechtschreib- oder Grammatikfehler gemacht habe

    Ignasi Ferrer
    AoW Physical Forge

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