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Anvil Digital Forge: September Patreon

Im September haben Anvil Digital Forge wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Now, let’s take a look at next month’s kit!Starting with something we’ve had multiple requests for — not just our time releasing digital STLs, but even long before then too — the Gorka Suit! These baggy fatigues have a very iconic look, and are often used with a Smersh tactical rig, which is exactly what we’ve created here!While the upper bodies feature a lot of overlapping elements, from both the jacket and Smersh pouches on the back, we have made sure to keep the legs as their own separate pieces, so they’re usable with any other previous month’s torsos.

The upper bodies can be digitally overlaid onto any other legs you may have too!A good number of head, helmet and gasmask options too! We’ve also had a lot of requests for the Russian Altyn and K6-3 helmets, with its very recognisable ballistics-resistant face shield.

The Gorka suit arms feature two different rifles next month; The VSS Vintorez and the AS VAL! The arms are provided with the option for Pistol-Grip style joints, that fit any of our previously released weapons of the same type, and a similar set that overlays the Vintorez; both male and female Regiments joint versions for both kinds! And as you’ve come to expect, we’ve also got open-wrist style joints to allow you to accessorise with pistols, melee weapons, or other hand-held gadgets!Speaking of gadgets, you’ll be needing an anomaly detector and a two-way radio, to locate and call in, anything strange you find. If you do find something, it’s best to throw in some random piece of debris, such as a nut & bolt, to find out just what you’re dealing with… sometimes a low-tech solution is best. Your digital bits box armoury is expanded with separate versions of the rifles seen above, as well as a silenced Makarov pistol!Next month also sees another highly requested addition to our library, in the form of Man’s Best Friend!

You’ll find two kinds out there in the Zone. The first are those that are well-trained and greatly valued for their loyalty and fearless defence of their human companions. The other is the wild dog, which can be unpredictable at best, and hostile at worst.

One of the worst things to find yourself facing in the zone however, apart from the gnawing sensation that you’re being poisoned just standing in it, is the Leaper. Fast, agile, and suicidally aggressive, they can be mistaken for a comrade at a glance. So never let your guard down, and keep your dog close to give you a warning should it smell a Leaper prowling about.

You’ll have the option of 4 different leaper bodies to choose from, each with female Regiments joints at the shoulder, letting you mix-and-match between the elongate finger-claws of the Leaper, or even giving them more human appropriate weapons, by combining them with previous and future sets!
If you do find yourself behind safe and sturdy doors, then a campfire song is all but inevitable…We hope you’ve enjoyed this rundown of all the parts we’ve got prepared for this month’s theme!

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  • Gute Idee, ich hoffe seit Jahren auf gute Minis zu den Stalker Spielen.
    Dies hier ist aber gar nicht mein Fall, dieser knubbelige Comicstil passt mMn gar nicht zur Vorlage. Ähnlich siehts damit aus dass alle genau gleich ausgerüstet sind.

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