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Anvil Digital Forge: Robed Cultists

Bei Anvil Digital Forge werden diesen Monat die Ritualdolche wieder geschärft.

ADF Robed Cultists 1 ADF Robed Cultists 2 ADF Robed Cultists 3 ADF Robed Cultists 4

January – Robed Cultists – Everything You Get!

Greetings Patrons! We hope you’re enjoying the holidays, because there’s some robed cultists who want to have a word with you about the New Year!..

Devoutly carrying aloft their relics and proclaiming their ascendance from unfathomably old grimoires… The cult has awoken…

Masked and hooded figures have taken up arms to fight for their fanatical cause!

The auguries have been read! The omens are undeniable!
The stars are right… Our time is now!

ADF Robed Cultists 5

This January you’re getting a whole lot of robed bodies; 10 differently posed sculpts in 3 different styles – Hooded, Hooded Animal Skulls, and un-headed bodies, all with multi-shell straps and buckles.

You can even swap the different multi-shell heads between the different poses, giving you vast amounts of customisation options!

ADF Robed Cultists 6

Naturally there’s a full infantry set of Male and Female Regiments compatible parts alongside those robed bodies, starting with the rifle arms

ADF Robed Cultists 7

We’ve chosen some really ornate Rifle-Stock jointed robed arms this month, with the option of two different ranged weapon options for you to choose between; a very ornate phase rifle or an equally fancy crossbow – or there’s always any other Rifle-Stock weapons you’ve collected from previous Anvil Digital Bits Box months!

ADF Robed Cultists 8

There’s a full set of melee / pistol arms coming too, likewise having two distinct ranged pistol weapons and two flamberge short blades. We’ve also included unique two-handed melee arms with suitably large two-handed swords!

ADF Robed Cultists 9

This pair of Regiments male and female jointed arms feature the two-handed grip as a separate shell, and keep the blade as an optional multi-shell too! That means you can digitally swap in any other melee weapon you might wish to use, and it makes the blade available for easy digital kitbashing!

ADF Robed Cultists 10 ADF Robed Cultists 11

The separate heads we have for January are all sporting various animal skulls as masks in 3 different styles. They’re usable for both Regiments male and female minis right away!

We’ve also included 3 Digital Only empty hoods. To make use of these you’ll need to overlay them onto a torso before printing – you can easily do this in your slicing program – and they’re completely self-supporting once you’ve attached them to a torso. No need for extra supports! Try combining them with some of your heads from your digital Bits Box for your own unique cultists!

ADF Robed Cultists 12

Sometimes though, you just need more stuff to put into your cultists‘ hands. Well worry not, because there’s an expansive array of goblets and grimoires to hold on to, as well as some scrolls, tomes of forbidden knowledge and the animal skull masks with optional multi-shell horns.

ADF Robed Cultists 13

For some more unique characters we’ve got a charismatic cult leader, with either a hooded head, or a hooded animal skull – or neither if you wish, as both are multi-shell and can be turned off prior to printing. You’ve got 4 different arm options for him too!

ADF Robed Cultists 14

You’ve also got a relic bearer, holding an ancient artefact in a bejewelled reliquary. The hands holding the staff, as well as the reliquary are optional shells, meaning you could replace the item being carried, or even have the pole planted on the ground if you wanted.

ADF Robed Cultists 15

Lastly, no self-respecting cult would be seen without their sacrificial alter and a lectern with a giant book of scripture. These thing are, at the least, necessary to set the mood before the apocalypse, to say nothing of the interdimensional horrors that need appeasing.

ADF Robed Cultists 16

We’ll leave you with the collected image of everything included with next month’s release. Tell us what you’ll be using them for in the comments below, or join us on Discord!

ADF Robed Cultists 17

We hope you’re as excited about next month’s release as we are to be showing them to you!

As always, many thanks for all your support!

Team Anvil

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  • Ich liebe ja Anvil und deren Design. Meiner Meinung nach, haben sie einige der am besten aussehenden Waffen … aber was mir hier auffällt ist, man hat Kultisten mit Opferaltar … aber wo ist das Opfer? Zugegeben, Gejammere auf ganz hohem Niveau.

  • Ideal für ne kleine themenarmee im wh40k universum.
    Pater sünde und seine grüngewandeten infardi kultisten aus dan abnetts roman ehrengarde kommen mir da in den sinn.

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