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Anvil Digital Forge: Juni Patreon

Anvil Industries haben im Juni wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Hello Patrons!

We hope that you’ve been enjoying our Heavy Drop Troopers, and are now ready to see what’s upcoming in next month’s release!

We’re excited to show you everything you’ll be getting with The Brotherhood!
Each Brotherhood trooper is an expert soldier, well-trained in all forms of combat, be it with the blaster or blade, and able to engage an enemy at any distance!Jetpacks (below) are reserved for only the most dedicated followers of the Brotherhood, letting them get up-close and personal with their mono-edge swords, or find the best vantage points for an ambush!Their fanatical loyalty makes a Brotherhood soldier a perfect bodyguard. Their short SMGs giving them the edge in the cramped interior of a secret bunker complex, as they escort their leader

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, let’s take a look at all the components in detail!

A good fanatical trooper’s most important asset is complete anonymity! You’ll not find any brotherhood trooper without their helmet securely fastened.
The Sergeant features a long flowing cape and their hand on the butt of their blaster-pistol, ready for a quickdraw

Despite the name, The Brotherhood returns to including two sets of arms for both our male and female Regiments Pistol-Grip style joints!

As well as including an additional pose of each arm set with an integrated SMG blaster; an easier way to quickly equip your standard troops (and a necessity for the foldable stock version of the SMG)
In addition, there’s a full set of Open-wrist joint arms for equipping your troops with any melee or pistol options you have, or giving them any hand-held accessories too! Lastly, there’s also a pair of arms that feature a holo-communicator, and a wrist-mounted rocket launcher!The Brotherhood are equipped with futuristic long blaster rifles and SMGs, both of which are Pistol-Grip joint compatible, and digital kitbash versions for you to use however you’d like! There’s also a holdout pistol and a mono-edged sword with two different grip stylesClad in light armour and padded fatigues, the Brotherhood focuses more on speed and firepower, rather than heavy armour. There are 12 unique leg poses to choose from next month, split evenly between our male and female joint systemsThe standard issue light armour torsos come with the option to fit a jetpack on the back of your troops, or to field them as a purely foot-slogging forceIn something of a first for the Anvil Digital forge, we’ve included some „special effects“ for your jetpack troops, allowing them to be modelled mid-flight!And lastly, what would a fanatical sect of militant soldiers be without a charismatic leader to bind them together?Here’s an overview of all the parts included next month (not including the milestone unlocks)

We hope you’re as excited by next month’s release as we are!

Make sure to check back next week, as we go over all the Multi-shell options you’ll find in the Brotherhood’s STLs, as well as the Milestone unlocks we’ve reached!

Thank you all for your continued support,

– Anvil

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  • Yeah. Mandalorianer im semi-40k Gewand. Kann man machen. Insgesamt echt nicht schlecht. Hätte ich meinen 3D Drucker nicht aktuell eingemottet, würde ich mir die files wohl zulegen und ein paar von denen drucken.

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