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Anvil Digital Forge: Astral Kingdom Warriors

Anvil Digital Forge haben im November ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.


Hello Patrons!

November is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get a full breakdown of all the parts we have coming in next month’s bundle!

We’re thrilled to present everything you’ll get with November’s Astral Kingdom Warriors:

Anvildiginov2 Anvildiginov3

Starting with the heads, we’ve got two distinct sets; the first featuring thematic hairstyles, and the second with plain skull caps, all of which have got some characterful expressions! The fully enclosed helmet is also present for anyone wanting a little more anonymity for their warriors (or just don’t want to paint faces).

It’s a bit of a tease for the Multi-Shell breakdown we’ll have coming next week, but, looking at all these different faces — if you think it’s a Multi-Shell element… it probably is!


The Torsos you’ll be getting have an instantly recognisable Egyptian aesthetic, ranging from the extremely ornate crossed wings, scale mail, and even bare chested! The heavy armoured collar ties each style together, and makes a perfect platform for the next set of parts…


Surely the most eye-catching items on the list, these headdresses feature 6 unique God masks to theme your forces even further! We recommend painting your figures‘ faces and the inside of the cowl before assembly if you’re choosing to add these impressive and intimidating visages to your figures. While not impossible to get a paintbrush in to detail your mini’s faces, it’ll certainly be easier!

Can anyone guess which 6 Gods we’ve chosen to represent here?


The Legs all feature flowing half-length robes and some very ornate armoured greaves, blending the archaic with the futuristic.


Arms grasping stave hafts make up the standard „rifle“ weapon on offer next month, alongside melee/pistol arms, and a terrifying clawed gauntlet.


Finally, the weaponry on offer for the Astral Kingdom gives you two different options for which kind of staff-topper you’d like to run — either the light blaster, or heavy axe head — as well as giving you some close ranged options, split between a Sci-Fi Khopesh, or pistol.

For those that are feeling extra adventurous, we’ve also supplied the clawed gauntlet as a Digital-Kitbash version, designed for you to overlay on top of any other arm set you may wish to!

Here’s a few more examples that show just a fraction of the potential ways you could build your Astral Kingdom Warriors!

Anvildiginov10 Anvildiginov11 Anvildiginov12 Anvildiginov13

We’ve also included the Renders in a ZIP file, attached to this post. So if you’d like to have the full sized versions to scrutinise in great detail, or help to organise your files, you can download them below!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to see these new figures next week! Look forward to a Multi-Shell breakdown post soon, as well as the Kneeling Leg Poses that you’ve unlocked for the 1100 Patron Milestone!

Thank you once again, for all your support!

– Team Anvil

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