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Anvil Digita Forge: Juli Patreon

Im Juli haben Anvil Digital Forge wieder ein STL-Paket für Patreons zusammengestellt.

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Hello Patrons!

As the end of the month draws near, it is time to reveal everything you’ll get for becoming a Patron in July: Our Gothic Medieval Exo-Lords!

Trained in a unique form of ranged combat, our Medieval Exo-Lords form an impenetrable shield wall, from which they lay down volley upon volley of devastating firepower.Clad in either heavy or light sets of plate armour, and with the choice of either a small squared shield or the reinforced heater shield, paired with a rapid repeating crossbow, or heavy arquebus rifle.When not wielding their ranged weapons, these Exo-Lords are no less deadly, given that their melee weapons are toothed chain swords, and humming power-picks and swords!

Let’s take a closer look at each of the parts you’ll find in next month’s download!

Component Breakdown

Heavy armoured helmets are an iconic part of any medieval crusader, and you’ve got two instantly recognisable styles in multiple different variants to choose from; a Great helm with two different styles of ornamental wings (to give them that authentic Teutonic feel) and two styles of Hounskull helms, both with ventilation holes, or completely sealed.If helmets are not your thing however, you’ll also have the option of a chainmail coif for your Exo-Lords instead!The armoured torsos feature chainmail and heavy plate, as well as the option of a surcoat, to add a little colour to your knights. Each Exo-Lord has the option of equipping an iron banded power plant, or a number of different sacred reliquaries into battle. While the arms provided this month have a shoulder pad already integrated into the arm, a chainmail variant is also a separate option.As has become the custom with Exo-Lord releases, we’re providing two different styles of legs. These come in either a lighter variant, ideal for a faster, more nimble looking warrior, or a much heavier variant, for those that prefer something with greater presence.For arm options this time we’ve created two distinct styles of Exo-Lord rifle arms, featuring either a heater shield, or a smaller squared style. Each has a cut-out for resting your ranged weapon of choice upon. Similarly, there are melee weapon compatible arms that have the same choice between shield variants, as well as two pairs of Sergeant arms with their shield held resting on the ground, or a massive two-handed sword!

Finally, we have an expansive armoury of weapons to choose from — great swords, chain executioner swords, war picks, short swords and chain short swords — Five unique melee weapons with two different grip styles for the hands for each!

Alongside those there are two different ranged options in the Exo-Lord heavy arquebus and crossbow, in both „loaded“ and „fired“ variants. Add to that, both types of shields and a sword and scabbard, and you’ve got everything you need to get crusading!

We hope you’re as excited for next month’s release as we are! Please do share this post with any friends who might enjoy it.

Thank you for your continued support
– Team Anvil

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  • Teilweise hui teilweise ein bisschen sehr heroic. Ich wünschte auch dass man Armbrüste bei heroic Sci-Fi Modellen einfach sein lässt. Egal ob sinnvoll oder nicht, sieht einfach immer bescheiden aus. Gibt kein Modell von GW bei dem die gut umgesetzt ist und hier klappt das auch nicht.

  • ich wünschte es wären weniger dieser so GW-Spacemarines typischen umgekehrten Karotten Hosenbeine.

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