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Alkemy: Neue Cobra Guard

Mit den Silences erscheinen neue Figuren der Cobra Guard für Alkemy.

AlkemyCobraSilences1 AlkemyCobraSilences2

Two miniatures join the Cobra Guard: Silences. Each costs 23 points, has 8 life points (3 white / 3 yellow / 2 red). In terms of characteristics, they have MInd 7, REFlex 4, COMbat 3, DEFense 10, 2 action points, movements in 5/7/12 (walk / charge / run) and a DAMage table in the average (222334).

A miniature that plays with the scenery set

Silences have the Environmental Fusion skill, which allows them to cross a scenery set at the beginning or at the end of a movement action. Thus, at the beginning or at the end of a walk or a run, if they are in contact with a scenery set, they can be replaced in another place of the scenery set. A great tactical advantage to exploit on many scenarios, to move quickly or to arrive faster on a target. It will thus be necessary to position the sets well during the stage placement stage to take full advantage of this skill.A miniature that hides and becomes stealthy

In addition to the Environmental Fusion, Silences benefit from the Concealment competence. As long as they are stuck to a scenery set, thanks to this skill, they become Stealthy. The Stealth skill allows them to be considered covered if they are the target of a shot, and they will have to be 4 inches or less to charge them, otherwise the attacker will miss his charge. Again, it will take full advantage of the scenery set and remain hidden.

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