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02 Hundred Hours: Partisan Expansion Preview

Grey For Now Games zeigen erste Einblicke in die kommende 02 Hundred Hours Erweiterung.

02 Hundred Hours Partisan Expansion Preview

Time to reveal a bit more about the forthcoming Partisan expansion for 02 Hundred Hours, and show off one of the figures…

The expansion adds Plan cards to the game, allowing the Partisan player cut the phone lines, receive coded messages or even place sausages to distract the guard dogs!

Plan cards are a bit like the Event cards, except that you choose 3 (normally) before the battle starts – the more Partisans in your force, the more Plans you will have to choose from.

The artwork on the Plan cards shows Remi. a Partisan Radio Man – one of the miniatures in the set. He comes with a field radio and allows you to choose 1 additional Plan for the battle.

With the Plans, Recruitment cards and 4 tasty new Events for the defender, there are 40 cards in this set!

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