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Wyrd: Neuheiten in Januar und Februar

Wyrd zeigen, was uns in den nächsten 2 Monaten erwartet.


WY Wyrd Vagrantsong 1

Vagrantsong – $75.00

You trainhop aboard the Silver Ferryman, chasin’ a dream or runnin’ from the past. What you find is a welcomin’ hand – white glove, stretched skin… and a fiddle player in the distance, playin’ a tune that’s awfully inviting. Makes you never wanna leave.

In Vagrantsong, a cooperative and story-driven boss battler, you will take on the role of a Vagrant trapped on a supernatural ghost train. Face off against ghosts lingering on the train (called Haints), adjust your playstyle with Skills and Junk acquired along the way, and uncover the secrets of the Silver Ferryman in this spooky and challenging adventure.

2-4 Players (co-op)
30 min/player
Ages 14+

WY Malifaux The Other Side Starter Box 1 WY Malifaux The Other Side Starter Box 2

The Other Side: Starter Box – $100.00

The Other Side is a streamlined miniatures wargame that provides an exciting, tactical experience while still being easy to pick up and learn.

The Other Side 2-player Starter box is the perfect stepping stone to get into The Other Side. Containing everything needed for 2 players to get started playing as soon as possible, including a step-by=step quick start guide, walking the players through how to play.

Additionally, if you want to dig deeper with the stories and games through the breach, this box set includes stat cards for all models included so they can be played in Malifaux Third Edition.

WY Malifaux Puppetpocalypse 1

Puppetpocalypse – $35.00

These Twisted Alternatives bring a harrowing sight to your game table as these new stuffed horseman embrace the end of days by sewing terror and stitching tales of the days to come.

The Puppetpocalypse Twisted Alternative Box Set comes with Alternative Puppet themed sculpts for each of Malifaux’s four horseman with: War, Conquest, Death, and Famine.

WY Malifaux Iconic Scorch The Soul 1 WY Malifaux Iconic Scorch The Soul 2

Iconic – Scorch the Soul – $55.00

Step through the Breach and witness a moment in Malifaux history with these limited Iconic sculpts. Each Iconic box includes a large-scale, high-quality model that showcases a pivotal moment in their story – in this timeline or the next – as well as a playable version of that sculpt that is fully compatible with Malifaux Third Edition.


  • 75mm Iconic Sonnia Criid
  • 32mm Iconic Sonnia Criid
  • M3E Stat Card

WY Malifaux Hidden Allegiances 1 WY Malifaux Hidden Allegiances 2

Hidden Allegiances – $35.00

Keywords: DUA, Last Blossom


  • English Ivan, Double Agent
  • Misaki Katanaka, Fractured
  • Jin Baccara

WY Malifaux Seeking The Blade 1 WY Malifaux Seeking The Blade 2

Seeking the Blade – $45.00

Keyword: Ancestor, Mercenary


  • Yan Lo, The Spirit Walker
  • Viktoria Chambers, Twin Blades
  • Kenshiro, the Tactician


WY Malifaux Monstrous 1 WY Malifaux Monstrous 2

Monstrous – $50.00

Keywords: Forgotten, Nephilim


  • Molly Squidpiddge, Chaotic Conductor
  • Nekima, Broodmother
  • Undead Nephilim

WY Malifaux They All Fall Down 1 WY Malifaux They All Fall Down 2

They All Fall Down – $35.00

Keyword: Guard, Plague


  • Dashel Barker, Butcher
  • Hamelin, The Piper
  • Disease Containment Unit

WY Malifaux Samantha Thrace 1 WY Malifaux Samantha Thrace 2

Samantha Thrace – $15.00

Allegiance: Guild


  • Samantha Thrace

WY Malifaux Binh Nguyen 1 WY Malifaux Binh Nguyen 2

Binh Nguyen – $15.00

Allegiance: Court of Two


  • Binh Nguyen

WY Malifaux Titania Unleashed Jigsaw Puzzle 1 WY Malifaux Titania Unleashed Jigsaw Puzzle 2

Titania Unleashed Jigsaw Puzzle – $18.00

Piece Together your Fate in a brand new way with this 1000pc puzzle featuring incredible artwork from Malifaux.

WY Malifaux The Masterpiece Jigsaw Puzzle 1 WY Malifaux The Masterpiece Jigsaw Puzzle 2

The Masterpiece Jigsaw Puzzle – $18.00

Piece Together your Fate in a brand new way with this 1000pc puzzle featuring incredible artwork from Malifaux.

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