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White Werewolf Tavern: Mystical Forest November

White Werewolf Tavern zieht es diesen Monat in die Wälder.

Open Post – November Release ‚Mystical Forest‘!

Greetings Friends!

Today in our tavern, we have a very interesting story to tell you. Have you, adventurer, ever heard of the Mystical Forest? No? Well then let us tell you!
The Mystical Forest is one of the last places left on our continent that is completely untouched by the blights of civilization. You can find creatures there as old as time itself, such as Korreds and centaurs, which wander the unspoiled grounds. It is said that this forest is one of the last places that is also connected to the Feywild, resulting in satyrs and living mushrooms roaming around freely. If you get a chance to go there, be sure to not disturb anything and respect this protected land.

And so, let us delve into the – November monthly release of the „Mystical Forest“ (24 unique miniatures for Adventurers and Merchants)

WWT Mystical Forest November 1

Doe Ingrid Centaur Druid 32mm and 75mm heroic miniature

Ingrid’s temperament is as quick to change as mother nature herself, but if treated well, you will most definitely see her kinder side. Ingrid is the protector of her centaur clan and will always do what’s in her power to make sure that, like the forest she abides in, her kin is safe.

WWT Mystical Forest November 2

Doe Ingrid Centaur Druid bust

WWT Mystical Forest November 3

Reidar the Wooden Leg 32mm and 75mm heroic miniature

If you ever wondered what years of isolation and a life devoid of “modern day luxuries” (like chamber pots) can lead to, look no further than Reidar. Having dedicated himself to the forest almost a century ago, he looks like a cooky old man, but his power is out of this world. Also beware of his BEEEES!

WWT Mystical Forest November 4

Reidar the Wooden Leg bust

WWT Mystical Forest November 5

Owl bear

WWT Mystical Forest November 6

Satyr with Flute 32mm and 75mm pre-supported

WWT Mystical Forest November 7

Satyr with Flute bust

WWT Mystical Forest November 8

Satyrs set 6 miniatures 32mm

WWT Mystical Forest November 9

Korreds set 6 miniatures 32mm

WWT Mystical Forest November 10

Live mushrooms set 6 miniatures 32mm

WWT Mystical Forest November 11

Living Plant

WWT Mystical Forest November 12

8 unique bases

Some of these models (at time of writing) come with their pre-supported versions. Missing pre-supports are going to be available in the coming days as they are done and print verified. They are available to Adventurer (Discoverer) tier Patrons and higher.

We hope that you will enjoy this release! Thank all of you amazing people for supporting us, we really couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Stay safe out there!

Sincerely yours
White Werewolf Team

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