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White Werewolf Tavern: Juli Patreon

Im Juli haben White Werewolf Tavern wieder ein STL-Paket zusammengestellt.


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As summer scorches us at the peak of its heat, we all wish for a nice pleasant place to relax and cool down in, somewhere perhaps a little swampy? While cool, this place is teeming with vile monstrosities, from swarms of slaads, to tramples of trolls and with no clear path to go down, you’re bound to come across something nasty.

Worst of all, if you get lost in the depths of this swamp, you might come across the three wicked sisters. Seemingly wonderful at first glance, they will offer you rest and food, but don’t be fooled by their appearances for while they seem like two old ladies and a wonderful maiden, they are horrible hags who are more likely to throw your whole group into their cauldron and use you for their wicked rituals. So let us tread carefully through the acrid swamp and hope something wicked our way doesn’t come. It’s best not to cross paths with July’s release of the “Unholy Trinity”

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