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White Werewolf Tavern: August Patreon

Bei White Werewolf Tavern gibt es diesen Monat einiges an Flügeln.

August Open Post – The Winged Warriors

Greetings Friends!

While summer still rages on in our mighty forest, we want to take you somewhere cool, to take your mind off the sweltering heat. This place is surrounded by mountainous columns of sandstones that reach high up into the skies with strong gales blowing tirelessly around the peaks. While most ground bound creatures struggle to ascend to the mountaintops, the winged Aarakocra make these peaks their homes.
These humanoid birds love this area as they are secluded from the dangers and common nonsense that goes on in the lands below. Marvelous stories come from those that visit their lands; gorgeous griffins that were thought long gone, defenders clad in armor such that no earthly creature was thought to be able to create, horrors of experiments gone wrong that live in the mountains and some, that came close to death on their journey, tell of a winged angel who came to them, promising a beautiful eternal life.
So let us have a closer look at what the tales tell in Augusts release of “The Winged Warriors” (18 unique miniatures for Adventurers and Merchants):

Dark Angel 75 mm and 32 mm pre-supported

White Werewolf Tavern Patreon 1

The Dark Angel wanders the planes in places where death and blood have been spilled in abundance. The Angel feeds off the essence of fallen warriors and revels in the demise of the will of living ones. Though legend speaks of them as beautiful winged women who guide the souls of the living to the afterlife, anyone who has come face to face with one and has lived to tell the tale knows the truth about their terrible nature.

Dark Angel bust

White Werewolf Tavern Patreon 2

Aarakocra monster pre-supported

White Werewolf Tavern Patreon 3

Legends say these beings once belonged to a mighty clan of Aarakocra warriors that lived deep in an unexplored and unforgiving jungle, ripe with magic. Surrounded by adversity they succumbed to the jungle’s primordial terrible magic and became the very monsters they swore to protect their young from. In some fairy tales it is said that they were cursed by an evil hag to ever wander the jungles they called home and feast upon beast and man alike. Only one living being still knows of where they truly came from and that secret will die with her.

Ayalau the aarakocra priestess 32 mm and 75mm pre-supported

White Werewolf Tavern Patreon 4

The exalted Priestess Ayalau is the highest rank among this flock of Aarakocra, she is beloved by all and held in the highest of esteem as she has made sure that the flock is always protected and lives prosperously. However, nobody knows that she has a dark side to her, for she is responsible for the monstrosity that lives in the mountains. Her twisted experiments to breed the perfect form have disfigured and cost the lives of many an innocent soul.

Ayalau the aarakocra priestess bust

White Werewolf Tavern Patreon 5

Aarakocra warriors 6 miniatures 32 mm pre-supported

White Werewolf Tavern Patreon 6

Griffons 6 miniatures set 32 mm pre-supported

White Werewolf Tavern Patreon 7

Mother of Froggles (throwback miniature)

White Werewolf Tavern Patreon 8Some of these models (at time of writing) come with their pre-supported versions. Missing pre-supports are going to be available in the coming days as they are done and print verified. They are available to Adventurer (Discoverer) tier Patrons and higher.

We have made a DnD 5e style stat blocks for the Dark Angel and Aarakocra monster. We want to remind you that all of the stat blocks that we made so far are available to all our Patrons of Adventurers (Discoverer) and Higher.

We hope that you will enjoy this release! Thank all of you amazing people for supporting us, we really couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Stay safe out there!

Sincerely yours
White Werewolf Team

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