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Warmachine: Neue Previews

Mit Kommander Savaryn wird ein Warcaster für das Winter Korps von Khador vorgestellt und für die Storm Legion von Cygnar gibt es neue Stormguard Modelle zu sehen.

Winter Korps – Kommander Savaryn

Kommander Valerii Savaryn


Privateer Press Warmachine Winter Korps – Kommander Savaryn

A recognized prodigy even in childhood, young Valerii Savaryn would pore over strategic manuals of the day, especially those written by his hero, the great Gruvaldt Irusk, Supreme Kommandant of the Motherland’s forces. With his warcaster talent manifesting around at the same time, Savaryn was admitted into the Druzhina at a young age, completing his studies at 15 years of age. The stone-faced youth rose rapidly through the ranks during the troubles his tattered nation endured over the past decade. Valerii Savaryn was transferred into the newly formed Winter Korps in 620 AR at the rank of commander, though few doubt his aspirations are set much higher.

  • Possesses Battle Plans.
  • Can make both melee and ranged attacks in the same activation, and his sword, Headsman, has the Critical Decapitation special rule.
  • His Checkmate feat says, “Savaryn can use his Battle Plans three times this activation. Additionally, while in Savaryn’s control range, friendly Faction models ignore cover and concealment when making ranged attacks and their weapons gain Blessed and Damage Type: Magical.”

Storm Legion – Stormguard Legionaires & Standard Bearer

Privateer Press Warmachine Storm Legion – Stormguard Legionaires & Standard Bearer

Stormguard Legionnaires

Small-Based Unit

With the reconstruction of the Storm Legions, the Stormguard are no longer limited to just being the defenders of Cygnar’s palaces. Instead, they have been issued a new remit—to seek out and destroy enemy warjacks in the field. Trained as skilled ’jack hunters, they use their next generation Voltaic Halberds to swiftly take down warjacks that would stand against them.

  • Stormguard Legionnaires possess the Set Defense special rule.
  • Their Voltaic Halberds have the Brutal Charge, giving them POW 15 with 4d6 on charge damage rolls against warjacks due to their ’Jack Hunter special rule.

Legionnaire Standard Bearer

Small-Based Command Attachment

Amongst the soldiers of the Storm Legion, there are few honors greater than bearing the Legion’s standards into battle. More than a rallying point and source of pride and inspiration, the Legion’s standards are also powerful pieces of mechanika designed to charge the very air with electrical fury and enhance the potency of Cygnar’s electrical weapons.

  • The Legionnaire Standard Bearer can be added to any small-based Legionnaire unit.
  • Has the Ionization special rule.
  • The Standard Bearer’s Voltaic Sword has the Electro Leap special rule.

Quelle: Privateer Press


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