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Wargames Atlantic: Quar Preview

Wargames Atlantic geben einen Ausblick auf ihre erste Zusammenarbeit mit ZombieSmith.

Wargames Atlantic and ZombieSmith: Hard Plastic Quar!

We are very pleased to announce that we will be bringing ZombieSmith’s iconic Quar to hard plastic in 2023!

Quar Frames

The first release will be a boxed game with a full rulebook and units of Crusaders and Coftyrans!

But you ask – what are Quar!??!

The Quar are the inhabitants of a rugged, mountainous, and storm-wracked world called Alwyd. Their planet is warm, like ours, and shares many of the same characteristics. One notable difference, however, is Cythwyn – the Month of Storms. Every third year, at the end of the calendar, all of Alwyd is tormented by the worst storms imaginable. Sandstorms drop sand thousands of miles from the nearest desert. Snow falls in the tropics. Black blizzards scour croplands down to bedrock. Hailstones the size of mhudd balls pound the earth and crush anything unprotected. It is a terrible time, but the Quar are used to terrible things, for to be a Quar is to be resilient.

Quar are just like you and me – perfectly normal creatures, bereft of magic or supernatural powers or other-worldly technologies. They do eat bugs, though, and lots of them, which is why they have long, agile snouts and even longer tongues. Most Quar, when they’re not fighting each other over slights real or imagined, are farmers, or tradequar, or merchants. Mostly they live simple, happy lives. Mostly.

In their native tongue, ‘Alwyd’ means ‘home’, and to a Quar, nothing is more important. The patch of dirt, the tiny hovel full of kits and kin – these are the things most Quar gladly devote their lives to. Most Quar. But there are other Quar – ambitious, striving Quar – for which a mere warm bed and full belly are not enough. These are the ones that scheme, that connive, and their machinations bring whole nations and kingdoms into conflict. Constant conflict, brutal conflict, for the history of Alwyd is written in blood…

Quar Rulebook Quar Render 01 Quar Render 02 Quar Render 03 Quar Render 04 Quar Render 05 Quar Render 06 Quar Render 07 Quar Render 08

Learn more about ZombieSmith here:

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And dive deep into the world of the Quar at their dedicated site here:

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 And for your viewing pleasure:

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