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Wargames Atlantic: Harvesters – Alien Bugs

Die Bugs sind los!

The Harvesters Begin Their Infestation!

Congratulations to Josh Stanley – our Name the Bugs Contest Winner with his entry for „Harvesters“! Josh will be getting 10 boxes (300 of the buggers) for his efforts! In the end we narrowed it down to five finalists and the 4 runners up will also be receiving a box of bugs.

There will be 30 bugs in the box (20 large, 10 small) with loads of options for leg and arm configurations including some ranged bio-weapons.

Without further ado – you can check them out here and put in your pre-order now!

WA Wargames Atlantic Harvesters Alien Bugs 1 WA Wargames Atlantic Harvesters Alien Bugs 2 WA Wargames Atlantic Harvesters Alien Bugs 3

Harvesters – Alien Bugs – €36,54


Orders ship when every product is available in that order.

Multi-Buy Deals! Want to Build a BIG HORDE? We have you covered! Use the pull down menu at the right to choose your deal:

  • Buy 3 Boxes for $95/£70
  • Buy 5 Boxes for $145/£105
  • Buy 10 Boxes for $265/£190

WA Wargames Atlantic Harvesters Alien Bugs 7


Bugs, Scabs, Chits, Cancrids, Kryk, Krixor, Chigs, Vrizn, Bllrrll, Flaa, Crabs…there are hundreds of names for this invasive species. Humanity mostly refers to them as Harvesters for how they plunder and cull every resource and living thing they encounter. The Harvesters have been part of the Death Fields Circuit for as long as any beings can remember and exist even further back in the racial memories of species thousands of light years apart.

Bug infestations are a constant problem for the species of the galaxy. Advanced civilizations find them a nuisance and can quickly eliminate them before they become a threat. For primitive worlds they can represent Apocalypse.

This box set includes enough parts to build 20 large bugs and 10 small ones along with options for ranged bio weapons.

WA Wargames Atlantic Harvesters Alien Bugs 8

Models require assembly and painting. Bases are not included. Product contents may vary from photos.

  • Sculpting: Thieu Duong
  • Illustration: Peter Dennis
  • Figure Painting: Matthew Leahy
  • Bug Name: Josh Stanley

WA Wargames Atlantic Harvesters Alien Bugs 4 WA Wargames Atlantic Harvesters Alien Bugs 5 WA Wargames Atlantic Harvesters Alien Bugs 6

Quelle: Wargames Atlantic


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