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Warcrow: Weitere Previews

Corvus Belli haben zuletzt weitere Previews zu Warcrow präsentiert.

CB Warcrow Preview 1

Today we are introducing you to our characters one by one, followed by the „enemies“ and then we’ll tell you a couple of details you probably didn’t notice so far. 😉

CB Warcrow Preview 5 CB Warcrow Preview 6 CB Warcrow Preview 4 CB Warcrow Preview 2


His life changed when the crew of the slave ship he was on was led to mutiny, thus ending up in Hawthorn Point, where he has been, well, just getting by to this day. With the aid of Ansgar, the tattoo artist also known as The Hare, he was able to get a number of jobs, often carrying caskets onto ships from Feudom. Knowing his warrior nature, Ansgar has acted as a liaison between Ormuk and the adventuring teams that have been forming up in Hawthorn Point to enter the Fog. That most certainly seems like a job better suited for an orc than moving boxes of the dead around.

This is the fifth and tallest member of our group of daring and charming adventurers: Ormuk from the frozen lands of Lindwurm! Ormuk is a warrior, a strong presence within the team and someone that reckons the best defence is a good attack.

Ormuk mechanic is powered by the rage tokens, that he can gain and spend in his energy panel in exchange for actions. His initiative value is not affected by the energy panel, however, he requires the rage tokens to perform more actions. His vitality value is the highest, considering he is on the frontline quite often.

CB Warcrow Preview 3

Ormuk special object is a bone pendant, a memory of his tribe back in the frozen north.

Weitere Infos zur Kampagne:

September 26th will mark the beginning of the pre-campaign for our dungeon crawler, Warcrow Adventures, and shortly after, on October 18th, the awaited Kickstarter will begin!

That’s why we’ve prepared this article in which we put together the miniature we’ve shown so far because with as much news as we’ve released in these past few days it’s very possible you’ve missed a thing or two!

Let’s introduce our characters one by one, followed by the „enemies“ and then we’ll tell you a couple of details you probably didn’t notice so far.

CB Warcrow Preview 8 CB Warcrow Preview 7

Zsoka Isimun

Sculpted by Javi Ureña – Painted by Sergio Luque

Zsoka is the first Warcrow Adventures miniature to see the light of day.

Zsoka is a warrior assigned to Expeditionary Company 17, tasked with protecting the cartographers and archeologists that would claim new lands for Mounthaven. After the tragic turn the dwarf maiden’s adventure undertook, her group vanished. Ever since Zsoka carries an emblem made by 17 folds on her breastplate.

She’s the party’s tank and defender. Her role consists of making enemies focus on her to keep her teammates out of harm’s way. Her massive shield is quite useful for this task. Zsoka’s pickaxe is full of orichalcum sheets folded in a way only Mounthaven’s Folding Masters could achieve. This blueish material is used as a magic catalyst, imbuing the weapon with extraordinary capabilities. Both her shield and her armor are made of an orichalcum-metal allow. The way magic is used in Mounthaven is through mysterious folding techniques, hence the peculiar shape of these accessories.

Zsoka, like many others from her nation, is a born chronicler. She writes down and records everything. If you check the miniature, you’ll notice a tome strapped to her back: It’s Company 17’s Campaign Book.

Zsoka’s pose, with her dynamic braid, raising her fist, pickaxe in hand, and stomping the ground, is perfect to put her at the vanguard of the hero team: defiant in the face of her foes and protector of her own.

CB Warcrow Preview 10 CB Warcrow Preview 9

Nayra Caladren

Sculpted by Javi Ureña – Painted by Sergio Luque

Brilliant, eloquent, and respectable. Nayra is a 300 years old Aestari elf with a high title from the Faculty of Magic of the Hegemony of Embersig.

Her miniature features her channeling magic through her Staff. This item may be used both to attack enemies and to cast her most powerful spells.

Nayra is the family’s sorceress. She’s in constant communication with magic itself, something that’s attested in her innate ability: unlike the others, she can also use dark magic to perform her actions. But abusing magic comes with a cost: the Stain. In painting this miniature, Sergio Luque has added some discrete signs of Stain on her hand. The level of detail is astonishing!

This scholar belongs to the dominant nation: The Hegemony of Embersig, Lindwurm’s most powerful country. Her amazing cloak is made out of raven feathers and, besides granting her protection against magic attacks, it fits the Hegemony’s fashion choices: select materials and designs ruled by opulence and good taste.

Her magic wand is also made of feathers, and she hangs it from her hip next to her other special item: the Aestari Brooch.

CB Warcrow Preview 12 CB Warcrow Preview 11

Darach Wildling

Sculpted by Javi Ureña – Painted by Sergio Luque

Darach Noí Eiler of No Return Forest’s Oak is the group’s ranged hunter. A Sÿenann elf scout.

The Sÿenann are used to life in Lindwurm’s magic forests and when someone like Darach leaves this habitat, they have a hard time going unnoticed. In Hawthorn Point, he’s known as „Wildling“. This is because, as the miniature can probably tell you, Darach carries the forest on both the inside and the outside.

Darach sports a cloak of fallen leaves from his Sÿena tree back in No Return Forest in order to remain connected to his home. His armor is made of light leather, yet its dyes and lacings come from special woodland plants and trees that hold a certain degree of magic. He carries a special item on his waist: his Lucky Acorn.

As for his equipment, he’s armed with a bow and arrows carved from Sÿena wood.

Darach is a fantastic fighter and he doesn’t shy away from close combat. His belt holds two Sÿenann-crafted curved swords, useful both to do battle and to tend to the forest. Darach is swift, and agile, and his aim is always true. That’s why his miniature couldn’t be other than the one you can see in the picture.

CB Warcrow Preview 14 CB Warcrow Preview 13

Ludivine Corbin

Sculpted by Javi Ureña – Painted by Sergio Luque

She’s the embodiment of sacrifice, devotion, and dedication. She’s devoted to the Moon Goddesses, Selas and Losna, just as all the inhabitants of Feudom. She’s part of the Order of Selas, making her a warrior priestess. This order protects pilgrims and believers from despicable, wicked, and evil characters, be them monsters or followers of the forbidden magical arts.

Ludivine’s role is supporting the group. She can heal her teammates, help them focus or debuff them, but she’s also perfectly ready and able to fight.

Equipped with her Dagger of Mercy, she can deal the finishing blow that puts suffering enemies out of their misery. She wears light armor and a mace that channels her spiritual energy to create an aura around her. Any ally in range of Ludivine’s aura can heal, focus, and cleanse detrimental states… This miniature is conjuring a protection incantation.

We can see symbols related to her faith on her gear. For example, she wears her order’s crest on her chest.
Our human always holds a very special object close: the Soul o‘ Mine. It’s a lock of hair from Ecclaire, her older sister who was affected by the Fog.

Ludivine is ready for anything and her dignified pose with her chin pointing up to the skies, with both a calm and conscious attitude, is proof of that.

CB Warcrow Preview 16 CB Warcrow Preview 15


Sculpted by Javi Ureña – Painted by Sergio Luque

Hailing from the Northern Tribes, Ormuk the orc is as intelligent as he’s fierce. The Northern Tribes are a temporal alliance struck between the orcs and the Varank that live in the Boreal Lands. They’re the sturdiest, most resilient, and violent in all Lindwurm. They instill terror in the hearts of anyone who cross their path.

Ormuk is a warrior, a strong presence on the team, and someone who considers that the best defense is a good offense.

This orc has lived a harsh life since the day he left his lands behind. Rage and resentment drive him. His special item is a bone pendant that hangs from his neck. A memento from his Northern Tribe. His body is marked with countless scars.

Orcs are instinctive warriors, smart, born to hunt and fight, and they’re great predators. The weapon our protagonist wields is his proverbial Fendetestas. It would appear his miniature features him about to smash some skulls in. He also carries a pair of flying knives, just in case.

He has a great deal of endurance and he’s a first-line warrior, but that doesn’t mean he’s reckless! Ormuk has a gourd canteen and a leather gird for protection.

CB Warcrow Preview 18 CB Warcrow Preview 17


Sculpted by Javi Ureña – Painted by Sergio Luque

So far the largest Warcrow Adventures miniature revealed… and the most fearsome. Naturally, those viscous, blood-filled tails that can catch anyone who crosses its path will be the stuff of nightmares for many.

The Kipleacht is also known as „Anklesnatcher“ because it has an inclination to immobilize its prey by grabbing onto its ankles.

Driven by the enlightenment of the Flesh Architect, the Progenitors have made yet another step in their body modifications and carefully created these beasts by fusing the best and more select pieces of living, beating flesh. It’s a mass of living flesh, rearranged and reorganized to become a superior being. The raw materials may come from any source, any animal or beast.

In this case, the Kipleacht’s extremities may come from what once was some sort of bird.

An imposing, fear-inducing miniature. Its expression, with its maws open and its twisted tails, reflects the threat this creature poses.

CB Warcrow Preview 20 CB Warcrow Preview 19


Sculpted by Antonio Moreira – Painted by Sergio Luque

Some Progenitors have specialized in applying the knowledge revealed by the Architect to modifying dead flesh, namely, corpses.

They’re not exactly risen dead, but different parts (extremities, torso, and head) that are joined together by dark, reddish humor that acts as their spine. Judging by their bodies, it appears that they were humans once.

Husks are some of the first experiments of the Progenitors, a basic unit, so at first sight they don’t seem to represent a pressing threat, yet they’re very dangerous in large groups. Their decomposing bodies are not very resistant, but the magical humor grants them a defense against magic attacks.

This Husk carries a set of armor and a sword from times long forgotten, as well as chains that seem to imply that he wasn’t that fortunate during his past life either…

CB Warcrow Preview 22 CB Warcrow Preview 21

The Marked

Sculpted by Antonio Moreira – Painted by Sergio Luque

Powerful, intrepid, relentless.

The Marked are humans who’ve modified their bodies to sharpen their senses and attain supernatural strength, ferocity, and agility. They’re part of the front lines in service to the Scions of Yaldabaoth.

Their appearance attempts to imitate their leaders in Yaldabaoth: the skull and bodies of animals, their skin pigmentation, their attires, and even their bells… If you watch closely, you’ll see that they hang from their weapon and their hair. These elements are the ones that some people have heard in areas close to the Fog.

This is it for now. These are some of the miniatures that you may find in Warcrow Adventures. Follow our Kickstarter and participate to get them.

Tell us what your favorite miniature is on social media and whether or not you’ve discovered any new details with this entry.

Read us in the next article!

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  • Wirkt alles sehr generisch und der Hintergrund liest sich wie Fan-Fic und nicht von Profis geschrieben.

    Sorry meine Meinung. Wems gefällt dems gefällt.

  • Löst jetzt keine Begeisterung aus, nicht schlecht aber auch nichts Besonderes. Bei Bushido oder Moonstone tritt bei mir dieser „Will habe haben“ Effekt auf, hier so gar nicht, nicht mal Interesse. Über Geschmack kann man nicht streiten, wird sicher seine Fans finden.

  • Man da sieht fast alles so super dämlich aus.

    Die bescheuerte Waffe vom ork Typen, der zwerg, die zauber-oma…alles ist so schmerzhaft einfallslos und generisch, ich hätte mir so gewünscht das grade CB es schafft so geile kreative minis zu bringen aber das ist nur schlecht.

  • Ich mag was ich sehe. Paar Sachen mehr, paar Sachen weniger. Ich schaue mir die Sachen mal live auf der Spiel an und dann schaue ich ob der KS wirklich sein muss.

  • Ich kann schon bei sehr vielen dingen den kopp abstellen, was Design und gedachte Funktion angeht, bei der Axt/Streitkolben -kombination hörts dann allerdings auf.

    Ansosnten find cih die Minis gut.

  • Ich bin ausreichend neugierig, dass ich es mir bestimmt genauer anschauen werde, aber auch bei mir will noch keine Begeisterung aufkommen. Es hat für mich nicht diesen Wohlfühl-Charakter wie ‚klassische Fantasy Figuren handwerklich besonders gut gemacht – damit kann man bei mir auch Punkten.

    Noch wirkt es halt wirklich einfallsreich / neu mit einer komplett eigenen Designsprache.

    Aber CB ist ja erfahren und ich traue den zu ein gutes Spiel samt Minis abzuliefern.

  • Holt mich auch noch nicht so richtig ab. Ich bin aber auch mehr an dem Skirmisher interessiert der noch folgen soll als an einem Dungeon Crawler, und da hat man dann ja hoffentlich verschiedenen Fraktionen zur Auswahl.

  • Mmh, muss zugeben, dass mein Interesse seit der Ankündigung von Warcrow (2.0) mit jeder News weiter nachgelassen hat.
    Die Entscheidung von CB, nochmal Fantasy zu machen, dürfte ja sehr wahrscheinlich von einer guten Idee ausgegangen sein, mit der man dem Genre irgendwas Eigenes mitgeben wollte. Aber so eine Inspiration sehe ich irgendwie (noch) nicht.
    Die Miniaturen sind solide. Aber sie sind eben auch weder handwerklich außergewöhnlich gut, noch irgendwie abgefahren im Design, noch liefern sie einen besonderen Vibe oder einen Eindruck von einer originellen Welt.
    Vielleicht wird das Besondere von Warcrow in den Regeln liegen…
    Will gar nicht so negativ klingen, aber irgendwie rätsele ich eben, was hier eigentlich so das besondere Ding (oder von mir aus Alleinstellungsmerkmal) von WC sein/werden soll.

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