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Warcradle: Retribution Terrain

Von Warcradle kommt neue Gelände für Wild West Exodus.

WWX Retribution Union Station 1 WWX Retribution Union Station 2

Retribution – Union Station – £ 25.00

As Retribution becomes the foothold for the Union in the untamed west, Union Station is always bustling. Bringing in new soldiers fresh out of boot camp to reinforce the troops, folks of all kinds hoping to make their fortune, supplies from back east to keep the growing population fed and watered…

WWX Retribution Theater 1 WWX Retribution Theater 2

Retribution – Theater – £ 25.00

Though Retribution is undoubtedly a growing town that those back east would consider uncivilised, it is at least gaining a veneer of sensibility thanks to the recent building of a Theater on Main Street. In the time since it’s construction it has hosted readings of Shakespeare, dancing troupes…

WWX Retribution Residence 1 WWX Retribution Residence 2 WWX Retribution Residence 3

Retribution – Residence – £ 15.00

Traditionally, houses in the early days of Retribution were hand-built by the folks who planned to live in them. As the town grew there were building crews who used the lessons they learned from erecting their own homes to earn a living by building the homes and businesses of those who would..

WWX Retribution Barracks 1 WWX Retribution Barracks 2

Retribution – Barracks – £ 34.00

The town of Retribution has become a centre of the Union’s active hold in the Arizona territory, previously considered a lawless place. Whether this is the result of its proximity to Dr. Carpathian’s Promethean Complex, the Warcradle, is anyone’s guess. The fact is that as the town grows so does…

WWX Retribution Tower 1 WWX Retribution Tower 2

Retribution – Tower – £ 8.00

Though the town of Retribution has changed rapidly with the coming of the Dystopian Age, one landmark still stands in the skyline. The windmill, known simply as ‚Retribution Tower‘, has been there since the town was first settled. Self-governing water pump windmills are a staple of the Union…

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