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Warcradle: Januar Neuheiten

Der Inhalt einer neuen Flottenbox sticht in Dystopian Wars in See, während mit den UR-31E Teslabots weitere Verstärkung der Union in die Weiten von Wild West Exodus marschiert.

Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 1 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 2

Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 3 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 4 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 5 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 6

Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 7 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 8 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 9 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 10

Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 11 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 12 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 13 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 14

Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 15 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 16 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 17 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 18

Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 19 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 20 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 21 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 22

Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 23 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 24 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 25 Warcradle Kongo Battlefleet Set 26

Kongo Battlefleet Set – 40,00 GBP

Kongo Battlefleet Set Information

Of all the Battleships upon the seas in the last 50 years the Britannia Class of the Crown has been considered the heaviest. That is until the Empire launched the Kongo Class Heavy Battleship. One of the deadliest warships to ply the seas of the Dystopian Age, the Kongo is crewed by some of the finest sailors in all of Japan. The design of this behemoth was always aimed at making it as armoured as possible while still retaining speed and manoeuvrability as much as the best Japanese naval engineers could manage. Named after a legendary mountain in the Osaka Prefecture, this vessel truly lives up to the name. With thick armour plates and formidable weapons the Kongo class are the pride of the Japanese fleet.

The supporting cruisers that are assigned to Battlefleets alongside the Kongo vary greatly. From the imposing Hokkaido Heavy Cruiser down to the nimble Kanagawa Monitor there is a cruiser variant for every mission. Japanese Cruiser groups are typically accompanied by Chita Submersible Automata. These engineering wonders are equal to the mechanical creations of the Covenant of the Enlightened and are used to protect the fleet from threats beneath the waves as well as assisting in assaults. While the Chita are designed to operate independently for lengthy periods, they lack the endurance of the much larger Kaiju class automata. Ishikawa strike cruisers and Yamaguchi Attack Cruisers are essential in maintaining these escorts far from a drydock, their moon pools enabling repairs and refuelling of the Chita to take place.

The Okinawa and Miyagi Class Cruisers are equipped with limited numbers of reconnaissance aircraft that act as spotters and limited aerial defence. When needs must they can also perform bombing runs on enemy shipping but usually only when supported by other aerial units.

The Japanese favour Kyoto frigates when running their patrols between the far-flung
islands of their homeland. The vessels are ideally suited for this task and for new sailors a year on a Kyoto is their first experience of the proud naval traditions of the Blazing Sun.

The Kongo Battlefleet Set builds eleven multi-part plastic & resin miniatures;

  • 1x Kongo Heavy Battleship
  • 2x Osaka Cruisers
    • Each Cruiser can alternatively be built as either Kanagawa, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Miyagi, Yamaguchi, Ishikawa or Honshu Cruiser
  • 4x Kyoto Frigates
  • 4x Chita Automata
  • 2x SRS Tokens

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Dystopian Wars website.

Warcradle UR 31E Teslabots 1 Warcradle UR 31E Teslabots 2

Warcradle UR 31E Teslabots 3 Warcradle UR 31E Teslabots 4 Warcradle UR 31E Teslabots 5 Warcradle UR 31E Teslabots 6

 UR-31E Teslabots – 15,00 GBP

UR-31E Teslabots Information

Nikolai Tesla is not a man to stand still. He is forever moving forward, tinkering with his designs and dreaming up new and ever more challenging projects. The UR-31E is one such progression from the UR-31 Automata, a design that became ubiquitous to replace lost manpower after the Ore War. These so-called ‚Teslabots‘ are hard-wired with either ranged offensive instructions or more defensive, close order ones depending on their equipment loadout. The offensive units are armed with electrocarbines and can disable or even kill enemies with their highly charged weapons. The guard variants are instead equipped with arc-shields and electro batons.

This product contains

  • 6x UR-31E Teslabots
    • These can be built as either UR-31E Teslabot Guards or UR-31E Teslabot Riflemen
  • 6x Bases

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
  • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Wild West Exodus website.

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  • Es wäre ja schön, so man schon mal in Deutschland die ‚Showdown at Retribution‘-Box bekäme…

    Da hier anscheinend Warcradle nicht in die Puschen gekommen ist, haben sie mich als Neueinsteiger verloren Schade.

    • Ich verstehe nicht, weshalb für so viele das Tabletop Hobby dermaßen schnelllebig sein muss. Man kann die Box ja auch dieses Jahr irgendwann holen und das Spiel spielen. Das ist für mich ja das Tolle am Hobby: Man ist eben nicht abhängig von bestimmten Konsolen, Zeitdruck und der Geschwindigkeit, die andere Bereiche vorgeben. Ich werde mir die Showdown Box holen, sobald sie bei meinem lokalen Händler liegt.

  • Alles klar … Die Japaner sind für Dystopian Wars im Januar am Start, womit wir also langsam in die Unterfraktionen einsteigen. Dann drücke ich mal beide Daumen das so bis zum zweiten Quartal die Skandinavier oder Teutonen für meine Preußen aufschlagen. 🙂

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