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Victrix: Norman Cavalry Preview

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook Previews der normannischen Kavallerie. 

Victrix Norman Cavalry Preview 2 Victrix Norman Cavalry Preview 3 Victrix Norman Cavalry Preview 4 Victrix Norman Cavalry Preview 5 Victrix Norman Cavalry Preview 1

Norman Cavalry – Pre-release Friday
We are almost ready to release the eagerly anticipated Norman Cavalry.
We have just received the first test shots from the factory and they look great. They will be AVAILABLE TO PRE ORDER THIS FRIDAY with a full release expected next week.
We also have some new transfers being added to the range. These will be Islamic/Moorish designs, Early Crusader Heater shield designs and round Breton and Spanish designs. As well as a new Norman Lance pennant sheet to adorn the Norman cavalry lances.
Plenty to look forward to!
Big thanks to the Victrix community for being so patient. This set has definitely been worth the wait.
For a full breakdown of the set, head over to the blog – https://www.victrixlimited.com/blogs/news-and-media

Quelle: Victrix Limited auf Facebook

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