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Victrix: Neue Previews

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook neue Render von normannischen Armbrüstschützen.

Victrix NormanCrossbows Prev01 Victrix NormanCrossbows Prev02 Victrix NormanCrossbows Prev03 Victrix NormanCrossbows Prev04

Coming Soon: Norman Crossbowmen

Say hello to our number one most requested set…
Here you can see the renders for the first Norman Crossbowman figure. This will be a 6 figure frame with 3 armoured crossbowmen and 3 un-armoured. Each figure will have various head and arm options and will cover Normans, Spanish, Early Crusades and other 11th century European nationalities. It will also work for many fantasy game settings also.
We also plan to make a few Hundred years war style heads and helmets and an attachment to go on the end of the crossbow to make this set useable as early to middle Hundred Years War, making this an extremely versatile set of miniatures.
It is not decided as yet as to whether this is a 24 or 36 figure set of miniatures. It is in the early stages of sculpting so we can’t give you any release dates as yet but will keep you up to date on its progress.
Also… To round off the Norman range we will be starting unarmoured Norman cavalry after the crossbowmen.

Quelle: Victrix Miniatures auf Facebook


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