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Victrix: Neue Previews

Victrix zeigen auf Facebook neue Previews.

Victrix LateRomanCav Prev01 Victrix LateRomanCav Prev02 Victrix LateRomanCav Prev03 Victrix LateRomanCav Prev04

Late Roman Heavy Cavalry Renders:
We have not really shown you any of these whilst in the sculpting phase as we thought it would be a nice surprise to see them all finished in one go!
Here we have renders of our new set of Late Roman heavy cavalry wearing a mix of mail and scale.
There are 4 main body poses and 4 main horse poses. The horses come with optional bed rolls, water bottles and javelin cases to hang from the saddle. As with all of out sets there are a multitude of arms and heads to give you a really dynamic set of Late Roman cavalry charging into action.
These miniatures represent Roman heavy cavalry of the 4th and 5th centuries. They would have been used for scouting and protecting the flanks on marches. In battle they would have countered enemy cavalry and pursued routing enemy off the field for many miles as well as protecting the infantry flanks. The Romans made great use of cavalry as fast response units to raiders such as Goths and Picts who made incursions over the Danube and Hadrians wall for example.
The next Late Roman cavalry set to be worked on is Light cavalry with javelins and horse archers.

Victrix LateRomanSlingers Prev01 Victrix LateRomanSlingers Prev02 Victrix LateRomanSlingers Prev03 Victrix LateRomanSlingers Prev04 Victrix LateRomanSlingers Prev05 Victrix LateRomanSlingers Prev06 Victrix LateRomanSlingers Prev07

Late Roman Archers & Slingers: Test Images
The archers and slingers set is nearly ready!
This set will contain 36 figures, with archers, slingers and staff sling options. All of the figures can be made as archers as there are more than enough spare bow arms.
This set can also be intermixed with the Unarmoured Late Roman infantry set (or the unarmoured Vikings and Saxons for that matter), and used as unarmoured warriors with spears, swords, axes and shields. Use spare shield arms from other sets or simply chop the ends of the bow on a bow hand to create a fist to attach a shield.
The archers have a mix of bare heads, helmet heads and the Panonian caps. These heads can be mixed with the unarmoured and armoured Late Roman infantry sets, plus the forthcoming Late Roman cavalry sets.
This set will available in around 2 weeks!

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