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Vanguard Miniatures: Harpy

Vanguard Miniatures haben einen neuen Kampfkoloss in 6mm.

Vanguard Harpy 01 Vanguard Harpy 02 Vanguard Harpy 03 Vanguard Harpy 04 Vanguard Harpy 05 Vanguard Harpy 06 Vanguard Harpy 07 Vanguard Harpy 08 Vanguard Harpy 09 Vanguard Harpy 10 Vanguard Harpy 11 Vanguard Harpy 12

Eloi Federation – Harpy – 25,00 GBP

Set contains:

1 x multipart Harpy miniature with modelling options

Optional parts include variant pose feet, two head choices (piloted or drone) and three arm weapon choices (heavy pulse lasers, quantum lance’s or resonance cannons)


  1. 3D resin printed model
  2. Model height approx, 85mms to top of the wing
  3. Component count, 36 pieces

Models painted by me.

Quelle: Vanguard Miniatures


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