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Turnip28: The Forlorn Hope Kickstarter

Die ersten eigenen Turnip28 Miniaturen sind auf Kickstarter unterwegs.

Turnip28: The Forlorn Hope

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 1

Get Started with exciting NEW 3D print miniatures for Turnip28

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 2

Gather your troops. Fix bayonets. Devote yourself to the roots.

What Is Turnip28?

Turnip28 is a post-apocalyptic vegetable wargame. Players command Regiments of fantastic miniatures made up of incompetent Snobs, bedraggled Followers and bizarre war machines. You will weep. You will cheer as deranged peasants kick each other to death in the mud.

A FREE print friendly version of the rules are available at: www.patreon.com/Turnip28

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 3 1 Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 3 2

The Forlorn Hope: The Forlorn hope is the FIRST core miniature release for Turnip28. Providing the best set of multi-pose 3D printable infantry miniatures for new, existing and returning players.

The kit is designed explicitly to be kitbashed and converted, and to provide new hobbyists with the easiest way to start playing Turnip28 right away. The Forlorn Hope provides everything they will need to start building their first Regiment and is a solid foundation for the rest of the Turnip28 miniatures line moving forward. With your support, and if we can make the stretch goals, we can make more minis, more options and provide even better value!

With the release of the Forlorn hope, and the accompanying rules update, its the best time to be playing THE GREATEST Napoleonic wargame about root vegetables.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 4


The Forlorn Hope Digital:

For players wanting to print their own regiment The Forlorn Hope Digital pledge includes The Forlorn Hope STL files and ALL free stretch goals.

This includes:

  • 10 unique heads
  • 10 unique bodies
  • 10 unique backpacks
  • 15 unique arms
  • 5 root vegetables
  • 1 Unit Champion (including unique head and backpack)
  • 1 Standard Bearer
  • 1 Hogpiper
  • 1 Rootling pet

In addition to this The Forlorn Hope Digital pledge comes with ALL unlocked stretch goals.

The files are professionally supported and optimised for 3d printing.

This Pledge DOES NOT include any physical miniatures.

The Forlorn Hope Physical: 

Not all players have access to a 3d printer, and so we have worked hard to set up printing service providing high quality 3d printed resin miniatures. The Forlorn Hope Physical pledge includes: The Forlorn Hope miniatures set with enough parts to build  20 multi-part 3D printed Resin 28mm figures including a standard bearer, a unit champion, a rootling and a hogpiper.

This includes:

  • Enough Parts to build 16 Infantry
  • 1 Unit Champion (including unique head and backpack)
  • 1 Standard Bearer
  • 1 Hogpiper
  • 1 Rootling pet

This Pledge DOES NOT include any digital files or unlocked Stretch Goals

The Forlorn Hope Physical: Horde

A mountain of miniatures. The Forlorn Hope Physical: Horde pledge includes: 3 x The Forlorn Hope miniatures set + 20 FREE Miniatures.  80 multi-part 3D printed Resin 28mm figures including standard bearers, unit champions,  rootlings and hogpipers.

This includes:

  • Enough Parts to build 64 Infantry
  • 4 Unit Champions (including unique head and backpack)
  • 4 Standard Bearers
  • 4 Hogpipers
  • 4 Rootling pets

This does NOT include any Digital files or any Stretch Goals. This is a large order for us so please allow extra time for delivery.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 5

Evocative Sculpts: Designed by artist Max FitzGerald and sculpted by Saint Decent, the figures capture the wonderfully miserable artwork of the Turnip28 rulebook and can represent any of the core infantry units Fodder, Brutes or Chaff. The unit champion, the piper and the standard bearer can be used to build the commanders of a Turnip Regiment, the Toff and Toadies.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 6

Designed To be Converted

The Forlorn Hope were explicitly designed to be combined with other Turnip28 miniatures as well as popular historical and fantasy 28mm miniatures available from your local hobby shop.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 7

Mud and Tufts: Turnip28 asks its players to coat their miniatures in detritus.  The Forlorn Hope is designed to be slathered in texture paste and static grass tufts to achieve the iconic bedraggled look. While The Forlorn Hope look amazing without, the models truly shine when coated in filth.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 8 1 Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 8 2 Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 9 1 Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 9 2 Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 10 1 Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 10 2 Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 11 1 Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 11 2


To coincide with the release of the Forlorn Hope, the Turnip28 Core Rules are getting an update.

The Rules Update (V17) Includes; 6 New Cults, 6 New Scenarios, Balance Changes and Loads of Quality of Life Improvements.

Turnip28 rules are digital only and are free to everyone online as a PDF. The updated Rules will be sent to those who pledge as soon as they are complete.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 12


Stretch goals will unlock as the campaign progresses. All unlocked stretch goals will be added for FREE to any Forlorn Hope Digital pledges.

Stretch goals and all parts included in the Kickstarter will be available to buy separately as physical and digital prints at a later date, some time after the Kickstarter campaign ends

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 13

STRETCH GOAL £2200: Volley Fire

A set of 5 NEW Bodies and arms with shooting and loading poses. 2 NEW Heads. 1 NEW Backpack. 1 Shocked Spud.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 14

STRETCH GOAL £2500: Charge!

A Set of 5 NEW 5 Bodies with running and charging poses (separate torsos and legs for dynamic posing.) 5 NEW arms with melee weapons, 2 NEW Heads. 1 NEW Backpack. 5 New Shields

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 15

STRETCH GOAL £5000: Grogs!

A Set of 5 NEW 5 Bodies with greatcoats. 5 NEW Heads with Bearskins. 1 NEW Backpack. Buckler the codpiece wearing shield pet!

The above art is only concept art and the final sculpts may change. Concept Art prints are NOT included in the stretch goals.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 16

STRETCH GOAL £7000: Bees!

A Set of 3 NEW heads with medieval bee keeper hoods. 1 NEW standard bearer body and flag. 1 NEW set of arms carrying Beehive, 3 New NEW backpacks (beehives), 1 Standalone beehive and a bee pet.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 17

STRETCH GOAL £8500: The Brotherhood!

A Set of mutations inspired by the brotherhood of Greed and Thomas Carroll’s amazing artwork. 3 x new heads and 12 mutation bits to cover every mutation in the Core Rules.

The above art is only concept art and the final sculpts may change. Concept Art prints are NOT included in the stretch goals.

Turnip28 The Forlorn Hope 18


Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter finishes and will depend on where you are located. All parcels outside the UK will be sent tracked.

Prints are shipped from the UK and Denmark.

Please be aware of any VAT, customs or extra charges that may apply to your order.

Estimated Shipping Costs below for a single set of miniatures. These may not be accurate and pledgers should be aware these are only estimates and may change.

  • UK – £4
  • EU – £10
  • AUS – £22
  • USA – £26

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Forlorn Hope are not toys, they are resin miniatures for advanced modelers.  When assembling the set hobbyists should follow all safety guidelines for assembling resin miniatures, including wearing a suitable mask if dealing with resin dust.

The Forlorn hope physical set does not come with bases, texture paste, static grass tufts, dice or digital files.

The Forlorn hope digital set does not come with any physical products.

Die Kampagne ist bereits finanziert und läuft noch 21 Tage.

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  • Da werde ich nicht nein sagen können. Was Max da erschaffen hat ist wundervoll. Von den Artworks, über das Setting selbst, über die Modelle bis zu den Regeln.

    Für die, dir Turnip noch nicht gespielt haben: Es ist ein Fest.
    Effektiv sind alle Einheiten, was in anderen spielen „Codexleichen“ nennt. Das alleine kreiert so verrückte Momente. Großartig.

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