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TTCombat: WIP – Halflings in Space!

TTCombat geben einen Ausblick auf einen kommenden Kickstarter, mit Halblingen in einer Galaxie der fernen Zukunft.

WIP – Halflings in Space!

Halflings! Hear our distress call! Your world is under attack by an unknown force and you must traverse a dangerous galaxy to defend your small homes…

Due to this new threat, we have called on the support of The Troll Trader who will be sending their reinforcements to Kickstarter soon!  Yes, a new Kickstarter is just on the horizon which will be bringing Space Halflings to life!

TTCombat WIP Halflings In Space 1

Combining Infantry, Air Support, and Heavy Artillery you will soon have your very own Halfling Army capable of defending a planet or conquering it.


TTCombat WIP Halflings In Space 2

The Backbone of your army! What Halfling Infantry lack in height, they more than make up for it in appetite and loyalty (So long as you feed them). There will be generic troops on offer, along with commanders, specialists, and support troops.

Air Support

 TTCombat WIP Halflings In Space 3
Flying above the battlefield makes you an easy target but it does offer some strategical advantages. The twin-engined support copters are a staple of Halfling aerial combat and will be a critical part of your army. Furthermore, the copters can be decked out with cannons, flamers, arch energy guns, and more!

Heavy Artillery

TTCombat WIP Halflings In Space 4

Sculpted by David Lewis of the Drop-Universe, we have some extremely customizable tanks which can be equipped with a variety of weapon options and removable side arms. GUNS GUNS GUNS! The numerous loadouts utilize cannons, machine guns, energy weapons, and flamers so you can make a tank to fit your play style.

However, we’ve got more than just Halfling Troops coming with this Kickstarter!

Recycled Resin Terrain

TTCombat WIP Halflings In Space 5

We produce an enormous amount of Resin products each day! Unfortunately, this leads to a large amount of waste through feeds and miscasts which would typically be thrown away. In an attempt to avoid putting this in the trash, we are turning this waste into something usable. We grind the old resin into chunks before mixing it with new to create large scenic pieces. The price point we can then offer is much better than if we were using new resin alone. Currently we are using between 30 and 50% old resin in the mix depending on the end piece.

Thats it for this weeks WIP Wednesday. If you have a project you want to start or add to your tabletop setup.

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