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TTCombat: Untoten Preview

Aus den Tiefen der Wüste erheben sich aus den Ruinen untergegangener Zivilisationen mächtige Untote, die es bald bei TTCombat geben wird.

WIP – Undead spotted in the Desert.

March forward across the desert sands and leave the hell of Kickstarter behind us! Only the undead can rule the sands of the Desert of the Dead.

Welcome to this week’s WIP Wednesday article and today we’ve got an update on The Troll Trader’s previous Kickstarter, Desert of the Dead. The campaign was fulfilled over a year ago but not everything went to retail. In the background of Blood on the Water, Dropfleet 1.5, and lots of miniature releases we’re still working on the undead mummies. Recently we even had some products painted.

Desert Giant

TTCombat WIP – Undead Spotted In The Desert 1

We’re really happy with how the Desert Giant has turned out. Standing much taller than a standard mummy swords men, the Desert Giant can cleave a way through the enemy with his twin khopesh swords. Currently the production mould is being updated on this miniature but we wanted to show off the paint job on this studio version.

Desert Titan 

TTCombat WIP – Undead Spotted In The Desert 2

In the name of Anubis be gone from this battlefield or face the powerful Desert Titan. The embodiment of the god of the afterlife and mummification, this towering Titan is the greatest Jackal creature we’ve worked on. Finally like the Desert Giant, we’re updating the mould as the weapons love ripping the silicone mould.

We’re excited to see how people build & paint these miniatures when they’re released. There will be more information about Desert of the Dead products closer to the release window.

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