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TTCombat: Neue Previews

Von TTCombat kommen neue Modelle.

WIP Wednesday – UCM Space Station

For a while now the Shaltari and PHR have been lurking smugly above Earths orbit looking down from their fancy space stations, the UCM was not pleased.

Welcome to this week’s WIP Wednesday and today we have a really cool UCM Space station to reveal. Dave Lewis has been hard at work in his Dropfleet dungeon sculpting this new station. Space stations are integral to many scenarios in Dropfleet Commander and are designed for the game’s orbital combat setting.

UCM Space Station

TTC UCM Space Station 1

Sadly this miniature is very much a Work in progress, so much so that we haven’t printed the prototype yet. Armed with four HUGE torpedos, this UCM Space station is ideal for defending humanities territory.  The above miniature is the UCM Orbital Munitions Platform and we’re hoping to create an alternate variant before release.

We’re excited to see how people use this miniature in Dropfleet but I can’t reveal any more information at this time.

Following last week’s numerous additions to the Max Mini range of Fantasy Heroes, we’re happy to say even more is coming this week!

Welcome to this week’s Teaser Tuesday and we’re more than happy to say that the Fantasy Heroes range is expanding.  Now it’s worth noting that we only have renders to show off these new products. But fear not, these will be replaced with painted miniatures once they’re finished drying.  Finally, we’ll take a look at a new MDF product arriving this Friday.

Wizard on Pigasus

TTC TTCombat Preview 1

Beautiful isn’t it? The majestic Pigasus is a noble beast that won’t let any old Halfling mount it. Only the strongest and truest Halfling could ever hope to ride a pig such as this. Luckily a Wizard is more than qualified for the task of riding flying pigs and being honest, he looks pretty cool doing it too. Perfect for Fantasy based tabletop games, the Wizard on Pigasus would also be a great choice for an RPG.

Sphinx Hounds

TTC TTCombat Preview 2

”Whose the best undead Sphinx Hound? That’s right you are.” – Skeleton Lord. Good Hounds in life and the best Hounds in undeath, the Sphinx Hounds are an undead man’s best friend. Leaping and bounding across the battlefield, these beasts are vicious in battle and loyal in death. Perfect for 28-32mm tabletop wargames, this Friday you’ll be able to command a pack of undead Hounds.

Liche Hunter

TTC TTCombat Preview 3

The process of becoming a Liche varies from source to source but most methods involve necromancy and lead to undeath. For as long as there have been Liche’s, brave hunters have hunted them! Armed with his trusty crossbow and a torch to guide his way, the Liche Hunter is arriving in the Max Mini store this Friday. Ideal for wargames and RPG systems, the Liche Hunter is a great miniature.

Besides these awesome new miniatures, we also have some brand-new MDF terrain heading to the TTCombat store this Friday.

Mecharium Generators

TTC TTCombat Preview 4

These generators power mankind’s last known defence grid, try not to let the enemy blow it up? Ideal for both narrative and competitive tabletop games, this kit is the latest to join our Sci-Fi Gothic range of products. Made from 28-32mm tabletop wargames, this kit is made from 3mm MDF and will be available this Friday.


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  • Also ich weiss, schon Tony Stark sagte „die beste Waffe ist die, die man nicht zweimal abschießen muss“ aber die diese Mega-Torpedos sind doch schon irgendwie Über.

    Was nutzt einem eine Abwehrwaffe bei der man nach jedem Schuss erstmal 3 Tage zum nachladen einplanen muss? Klar, passt zur restlichen Ästhetik aber das ist nicht mein Bier. Schade, die anderen Stationen sagten mir mehr zu (auch was die Nutzung in anderen Universen angeht)

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