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TTCombat: Neue Previews

TTCombat zeigen in ihrer wöchentlichen Vorschau Dropzone Commander und MDF-Gebäude.

Teaser Tuesday – BEHEMOTH Special

It’s been YEARS in the making to get to this stage but BEHEMOTHS are coming. Welcome to this week’s Teaser Tuesday where we’ll be covering some Dropzone and Fantasy Realms releases.

Honestly, it’s been a while hasn’t it? But after many many many delays we can finally see the light at the end of the metaphorical tunnel. It’s an exciting time for PHR and Scourge players as this Friday you’ll be able to pre-order these monstrosities.

PHR Behemoth Board 1 Background

The Behemoths are the largest models ever made for Dropzone Commander. In fact, they’re the largest models we’ve ever made! They’re almost certainly going to be the largest models Dropzone will ever see. And they’re rather scary as well!

These huge new additions to Dropzone Commander have been circling the battlefield for some time, but the first two are finally coming to the TTCombat webstore! We’re starting with the PHR and Scourge Behemoths. In the coming months we’ll be releasing the rest, so you won’t have to wait long. The UCM will receive their Behemoth next, with the Shaltari and Resistance arriving shortly afterwards. It’s going to be a BIG summer for Dropzone!


Chronus Frong Angle Background

The PHR Behemoths are of course tough, advanced, and packing lots of firepower. Whilst not bolstering a huge crew, the advanced onboard AI system practically does the work for you. Type -7s have five identical legs and a fully rotatable torso.  Furthermore, thanks to their RX-30 Miniguns, the massive R7X-5 Rotary Cannon, or the R7X-66 Incinerator, players will have plenty of offensive options.

The PHR Behemoth (like all the Behemoths) comes with parts to make one of two classes. The parts are also very easy to pin or magnetize, so you can swap weapons out between games if you so wish. The PHR Behemoth can be made as either the Chronus or the Tethys. We’ve shown some of the options already, but we’ll be talking more about them later this week.


Scourge Behemoth Alt Front Angle Background

Optimised for frontline combat and providing both physical and psychological impact, the Scourge Behemoth has been spotted.  Similar to all Scourge constructs, these Behemoths are outlandish in appearance and feature numerous tendrils, tentacles, and legs. Although they are bigger than skyscrapers, these heavy-classed monstrosities are capable of targeting individual infantrymen to snatch for the Scourge cause.

As with the PHR, the Scourge Behemoth can be built in two ways: either as the anti-Behemoth Tyrant, or the Dictator which is best suited to engaging numerous smaller targets with arcing electric-based weaponry.

More information will be available later this week!

I know you want to hear more about the Behemoths but it’s time for some Terrain talk. Check out some of the latest releases to our Fantasy Realms range. 

Ogre Tents & Cages

FSC100 Orge Tents Cover Copy

Ogres aren’t known for their rapid movement or intelligence but these resourceful monsters need somewhere to camp up when hunting. The Ogre Tents & Cages 1 large chieftains tent, 4 smaller tents, 2 beast cages, fences and braziers. Therefore this set is perfect for tabletop fantasy action and will be available to order Friday.


Blacksmith Cover Copy

A warrior is only as good as his Blacksmith or something like that… The Blacksmith is new to the fantasy realms range and not to be confused with the Halfling Blacksmith. This set is a functional multi-storey building with additional pieces to customize your board. Finally, this set is perfect for a fantasy themed tabletop and will be available this Friday.

That’s it for teasers this week, be sure to check back on Friday to see the full release. In the meantime head over to the TTCombat webstore to access our full range of Resin and MDF.

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  • So cool die riesigen Walker für Dropzone auch aussehen – gefühlt entfernt man sich immer mehr von dem Konzept der schnellen Einsatzverbände, für die das Spiel ursprünglich mal stehen sollte. Außerdem finde ich den 5-Füßler der PHR merkwürdig. Die Posthumanen hätten schon einen klassischeren Walker mit zwei oder eben vier Beinen vertragen können. Ansonsten sieht der aber gut aus.

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