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TTCombat: Neue Previews

TTCombat zeigen ihre ersten Previews in 2022 für Dropzone Commander und Wild West Gelände.

New Year, New Teaser

Hey folks, hope you had a fantastic holiday season. This week we are expanding our Wild West range, as well as our Dropzone Commander range.

This week is an exciting one for us here at TTCombat. As it’s the 1st new release of the year! Not only this we’re starting it off with both MDF and Resin products. MDF-wise we have Dressing’s Ranch making its way to the Wild West MDF Range. And for Resin we have 5 brand new Dropzone Commander Battlegroup box sets!

Armour Battlegroups

UCM Battlegroup Box

The big releases this week are the new Dropzone Commander Battlegroup Boxes! These are the first in an ongoing set of kits, bringing an entire Battlegroup in a box.

This week we’re releasing 5 new Armour Battlegroups. These are key to building an army in Dropzone Commander, and these new boxes have been designed to be excellent “what next” buys. If you have a Starter Army, pick up an Armour Battlegroup!

Shaltari Battlegroup Box

There is an Armour Battlegroup for each of the factions, and what’s more, each box brings with it a brand new unit. Not just that, but a brand new Standard unit! These are the core of any Dropzone Commander army, so this is a big deal for long-time players too!

Polecat 2 Front Angle Background

All of these new units will be available separately, so if you already have enough Neptunes, you can just pick up the newbies to add to your collection.

The UCM for example get the new Polecat Buggy. These come armed with Twin Nemesis Miniguns for anti infantry slaying, or can be equipped with Aggressor Cannons for dealing with other vehicles. All of which can be transported in a new Vulture Dropship.

Atlatl Gravtank 1 Front Angle Background

The Shaltari get the Atlatl Gravtank. They can teleport friends and foes all around the tabletop in the ultimate show of annoying Shaltari tactics. Alongside this you can build them as the fierce Arrowhead Gravtanks which excel at AA fire.

There are new units for each and we’ll be going into all the new rules later in the week. They’ll all be up for pre-order on Friday. In the meantime, you can see a preview of all the Battlegroup boxes in the advent calendar!

It’s not just resin this week though, we have new MDF on the way too!

Dressing’s Ranch Cattle Barn

100 Cover Copy

Here we have Dressings Ranch Cattle Barn. This new addition to our remastered Wild West range has (almost) everything you need to setup your own farm out in the country.  Not only this, the kit comes fully equipped with loads of playability features. A removeable roof on the barn and multi-level platforms can comfortably fit 32mm bases. There are also plenty of fences / railings providing cover.

That’s it for teasers this week, be sure to check back on Friday to see the full release. On the meantime if this has peaked your interest in Dropzone Commander you can check out the existing range here and if you like the look of our MDF products you can check the full range out here.

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TTCombat: Neue Previews



  • Die DZC find ich saugut! Schön dass es mit dem System weitergeht. Wie die Boxen allerdings funktinieren sollen ist mir nicht so klar, zumindest bei der UCM sieht es nach zu wenig Dropshipss aus.

    • In der Vergangenheit hattest du in jeder Box ein Dropship pro Squad. Führt bei mir z.B. dazu, dass meine Resistance 10 Lifthawks hat – mehr als ich im Leben je einsetzen werde.
      Daher finde ich den neuen Ansatz hier gut für bestehende Armeen, die ihre Auswahl am Boden erweitern wollen.

      • Ist ein Punkt, aber für Neueinsteiger (oder Leute, die seit Jahren nur die Grundbox besitzen) is das dann doch ein Problem, denke ich. Vor allem wenn man es als second buy vermarktet.

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