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The Lazy Forger: The Enlisted Army

Der Lazy Forger hat eine neue Armee veröffentlicht.

TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 1 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 2 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 20

The Enlisted army is out and ready to battle the Tech!!

TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 3 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 4 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 5 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 6 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 7 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 8 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 9 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 10 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 11 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 12 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 13 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 14 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 15 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 16 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 17 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 18 TLF Lazy Forger Enlisted Army 19

Some more close-ups of the Land Battleships (that’s the official name!) of the Enlisted.
Very, very massive.

TLF The Enlisted Land Battleships

The Enlisted – Land Battleships – $15,99

This set contains a massive land battleship with two front options (extra guns and troop transport, both opened and closed), and a smaller support land battleship. The wheels alone are taller than a tank!

TLF The Enlisted Battle Tanks

The Enlisted – Battle Tanks – $8,99

This set contains two different battle tank chassis and five different turrets to go with them.

TLF The Enlisted Infantry

The Enlisted – Infantry – $7.99

This set contains 22 unique poses for the human infantry of the Enlisted faction, including scouts and heavy weapons, and the Dragon Teeth, shown on the bases of the whole faction.

TLF The Enlisted Heavy Infantry And Mechs

The Enlisted – Heavy Infantry and Mechs – $8.99

This set contains eight unique poses of armoured infantry and eight poses for light mechs.

TLF The Enlisted Light Vehicles

The Enlisted – Light Vehicles – $7.99

TLF The Enlisted Transports And Artillery

The Enlisted – Transports and Artillery – $6.99

This set contains three different vehicle bodies: a troops transport and two types of artillery vehicles (both in the shooting mode and in the cruise mode).

Außerdem gibt es ein großes Armeebundle:

TLF The Enlisted Army Bundle

The Enlisted – Army Bundle – $39.99

This set contains SIX sets from The Enlisted faction, with an overall saving of 16$!

Generelle Infos zu den Druckdaten:

The models are optimized for 6mm but can be easily up-scaled up to 10 and 15mm scale (1:100) with excellent results.

The models are provided as .stl files and are PRE-SUPPORTED for 6mm scale. They have been extensively tested at 100% scale (6mm). A resin printer is recommended: the models shown in picture are printed at with a Anycubic Photon S. Any budget entry resin printer will be capable to achieve similar results.

Quelle: The Lazy Forger bei My Mini Factory


Chefredakteur von Brückenkopf-Online und Tabletop Insider. Seit 2002 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Warhammer Fantasy (Dunkelelfen). Aktuelle Projekte: Primaris Space Marines, Summoners (alle Fraktionen), Deadzone/Warpath (Asterianer und Enforcer), Kings of War (Basilea und Oger), Dropfleet Commander (PHR).

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  • Die ersten sind schon aus dem Drucker raus und die modelle sind toll.
    Lassen sich auch gut auf 10mm oder 15mm hoch scalieren

    • Hey Umstrittener User,

      Hast du die Modelle neu suppprted, oder einfach mit den Supports hochskaliert? Bei den Tech hab ich einfach von 6mm auf 15mm hochgezogen, hat halt etwas mehr Schäden bei den Supports gegeben, aber ich war zu faul alles neu zu machen.

      • Ich hatte auch Tech auf 15mm also auf 245% scaliert und die hab ich komplett neu supported.

        Lychee kann bis 20% hoch oder runter die supports anpassen.
        Aber alles drüber muss man neu machen.
        Ist zu mindest meine Erfahrung

      • Ja jetzt im Nachhinein würde ich die auch neu supporten. Hat aber trotzdem erstaunlich gut funktioniert:D

  • Hab auch schon welche gedruckt und die sind noch besser als die Tech Range. Mehr Optionen und nochmal etwas detaillierter. Kann man nur wärmsten empfehlen!

  • Ich brauch da 4 verschiedene Fraktionen und vor allem gute Regeln!
    Dann schlag ich zu und statte gerne 3 Freunde mit kompletten Armeen aus.

    Zwecks (guten!) Regeln, hat da jemand hier was?
    Darf natürlich was kosten.
    Klassisches Epic ist so meine ich etwas zu stumpf.

    • Ja da wird gerade was entwickelt.
      Vom Forger und der Community nennt sich Full Spectrum Dominance ist aber in development

    • Hardwar ist ein sehr schönes System. 6mm combined arms. Das ist das alte Horizon Wars, das von Strato Miniatures lizensiert und weiterentwickelt wurde. Strato verkauft einen Haufen 6mm sci fi Minis zu dem System, aber generell ist Hardwar flexibel, was Minis angeht. Das System hat einen klasse Einheitenbaukasten, mit dem auch die offiziellen Einheiten nachvollziehbar erstellt wurden. Kann ich nur empfehlen!

    • LaserStorm, Laser Burn, Iron Cow, Quadrant 13, Polyversal, Quantum Legions, Strike Legion, Dirtside II oder Future War Commander würden mir für 6mm auch noch einfallen.

    • Ich nutze das Polyversal Game System für StarWars 6mm Schlachten. Ich kann es wärmstens empfehlen!

    • Bezüglich gratis Regeln: Dirtside II, Future War Commander, Gruntz, Warpath von Mantic (mit cm statt Zoll für 10/6mm)

    • The Lazy Forger here!

      Regarding Full Spectrum Dominance – we’re running an open beta, so the rules are free for anyone to read and try, and we’d really appreciate more tests and inputs as we go.
      The rules are 100% done as this point, and the two main factions (enlisted and tech) will only get more stuff before the final release. More factions are in the works too (and more miniatures too!), but that will have to wait a little bit more. 🙂

      You and your 3 friends would be most welcome to our facebook group!

      • Huh, thank you for answering 🙂

        Since it’s your game yours is the first I’m looking into!

        Our bar is somewhere at dropzone commander level since we really took a liking to those rules. It’s just that the models aren’t pleasing.

        Yours really hit the right spot!

        And since you posted on a German board, have some free critic 😉

        – The Enlisted will be a hard sell as long as they are missing 1 or 2 truly special units. The big troop carrier is awesome but something like a long legged walker, a cool looking streamlined flyer, a cool infantery unit…
        I mean at the moment you got infantery, tanks and APC’s.

        – the bigger issue:
        your free sample seems not to represent your sci-fi line. The horse has a very crude polygon structure and the supports of this print are horrendous! Chunky connections, clipping into details and edges and pointed objectes!
        That’s sad cause they’re actually pretty easy to support, it’ll take me less then 10 minutes to do so.

        Better you delete or reupload (lychee autosupport would do a better job;) ) that file.

        The 3d-printing community is full of people who can’t support themselves and don’t know about the anti-aliasing options!

        I know 4 people who actively use facebook. 3 of them are > 65 and not in the hobby. But I’ll join your discord 😀

        Cheers, Max Reuters (Sonstwer)

      • (I’ll reply here at Sonstwer because I can’t seem to find a way to get one more level of indentation in)

        – Fair point for the Enlisted, but i HAD to draw a line on how much stuff I’d do. I’m definitely not excluding the idea of adding more special stuff to it, but I really wanted to go with the vanilla faction there. In truth, I had another faction being sculpted that i stopped to get the „Marios“ out before.

        – I see your point for the old Western Kingdom. It’s been a long time since i sculpted those, and I definitely learned a thing or two. Re-supporting it would be a good starting point, but to do things properly i should probably re-sculpt the entire Western Kingdom, which is something I’d rather not do right now.

        I will absolutely put a free sample out for the new factions, though. Rather than individual figures, i was thinking about a chunky diorama, that people can print and that displays a lot of cool stuff, but at the same time that it’s pretty unusable game-wise!

        Other than that – super happy to hear any pointer regarding FSD! =)


  • Und derzeit gibt es bei ihm auch für ca 1-2 Tage noch einen Rabattcode als offenen Post bei seiner Tribes-Seite. 30 Prozent glaube ich? Bin noch unschlüssig. Hab alles an Gelände von ihm und die Modelle gefallen sehr. Derzeit nur leider kein Geld für die Minis übrig. Was wegen des Rabattcodes sehr ärgerlich ist!

  • (Apologies for the multi post – it seems like my posts don’t get saved here!)

    Cheers there – The Lazy Forger here. Thanks for the share!

    • Fantastic models by the way!
      I printed the Tech Faction and they are gorgeous!
      I’m very tempted to get into the enlisted as well 😀

      • Too kind!

        The 30% discount ends tomorrow, in case you’re tempted! 🙂
        In general, if you did print something and want to share it on the groups it would be GREATLY appreciated! People simply don’t know much about 6mm!

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