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The Horus Heresy: Emperor’s Children Praetor

Die Legion der Emperor’s Children bekommt einen eigenen Praetor für die Schlachten der Horus Heresy.

Heresy Thursday – The Emperor’s Children Sashay Into Battle With a Stylish New Praetor

The Age of Darkness is in full swing right now – Legions are clashing, and scary reinforcements like the Leviathan Siege Dreadnought, Sicaran Battle Tank, and Deimos-pattern Predator are on their way. Footsloggers aren’t getting left out though, and the First, Fourth, and Fifth Legions are rubbing their hands together in glee while they await their shiny new Mk VI upgrades.

The Third, meanwhile, don’t consider the fine raiments that they have on the way are sufficient, however. The Emperor’s Children pursue excess in all things, and they bear that philosophy out in full with this fabulous new Praetor.

Games Workshop Horus Heresy Emperors Children Preator 1

Suffused with filigree, resplendent in jewellery, and bearing elaborate weaponry so fine it almost seems a shame to use it in combat, this Praetor is serving some grandiloquent style.

Games Workshop Horus Heresy Emperors Children Preator 2

Before the Heresy kicked off, the Emperor’s Children had the honour of carrying the Emperor’s personal sigil into battle, and the Palatine Aquila is emblazoned on every spare part of armour. It’s exactly this kind of pride that comes before a fall, and gosh, did Fulgrim’s lot fall.

You can see traces of the dark sensory path these unhinged explorers were travelling down by just looking at the gruesome alternate head. Apothecaries were knee-deep in gruesome surgical experiments towards the end of the Great Crusade, developing psycho-sonic weaponry like Sonic Shriekers and Sonic Lances.

Games Workshop Horus Heresy Emperors Children Preator 3

This fine-looking feller is fit to lead your Mark VI Tactical Squad or Palatine Blade Squad.

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  • Ich finde ja 30K viel besser als 40K, aber es wäre vll sinnvoller erstmal den Grundstock an Einheiten für alle Orden aufzubauen, bevor man anfängt Helden in solchen Geschmacksrichtungen zu verkaufen. Das ist halt der „wehende Mantel und Speer Praetor. Ok vom Modell, aber es gibt noch wichtigere Modelle zum Aufbau eines neuen Hauptspiels.
    Schön natürlich für alle EC Spieler.

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