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The Horus Heresy: Dark Angels Upgrade Kits Preview

Die erste Legion, die Dark Angels, erhalten ebenfalls Upgrade-Sets für The Horus Heresy.

Heresy Thursday – Earn the Lion’s Pride with These Dark Angels Upgrade Kits

We’ve already seen new upgrade kits for the cover stars of the Age of Darkness boxed set, the Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus. We wouldn’t want the other Legions getting jealous – otherwise, some kind of civil war might kick off! So today we’re revealing two new upgrade kits for the Dark Angels.

Games Workshop Dark Angels Upgrade Kit Preview 1

As the First Legion, pre-eminent in all things, you might have expected the Dark Angels to be first in the queue for swanky new helmets. Clearly, they were too busy keeping track of all of their secrets* and lost their place in line. Fortunately, they’re used to being patient. By the time of the 41st Millennium, they’ve been waiting 10,000 years for Lion El’Jonson to return…

Games Workshop Dark Angels Upgrade Kit Preview 2

With nine regular helmets in a mix of three Calibanite styles – plus a winged Sergeant helmet, and a bare head with a snazzy beard and noble diadem – this pack of 11 heads is a great way to personalise your troops in Mark VI armour.

Also coming soon is a set of Mark VI shoulder pads for Dark Angels. The embossed Legion symbol on these pauldrons is perfect for ensuring your fully-painted sons of the Lion stand out in the heat of battle.** Now they can proudly stand beside Madruk Sedras and his massive sword.

Games Workshop Dark Angels Upgrade Kit Preview 3

The new Dark Angels heads and shoulder pad upgrade kits will be available to pre-order from the Forge World webstore soon.

There are loads more Mark VI upgrades to come – there were 18 Legions in the Horus Heresy, after all – along with a bunch of other kits.

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