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The Horus Heresy: Captain Lucius Preview

Mit Captain Lucius von den Emperor’s Children wurde ein weiterer Charakter aus dem Großen Bruderkrieg als Miniatur vorgestellt.

The Faultless Blade Duels His Way onto the Horus Heresy’s Battlefields

The Emperor’s Children are renowned for their pursuit of perfection, especially the arts of war, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest. That man is Lucius, known in the 31st Millennium as the Faultless Blade, and now he’s coming to etch his razor-sharp signature on the battlefields of the Horus Heresy.

This ambitious captain began to earn a name for himself in the latter years of the Great Crusade, gaining a reputation for excellence in personal combat, and for his arrogant, self-serving attitude. As his desire for perfection reached the point of obsession, Lucius fought solely for his own satisfaction, and he even came to welcome the Horus Heresy as an opportunity to test himself against the cream of other Legions.

Forge World The Faultless Blade 1

Appropriately, Lucius finds his true calling when challenging enemy Characters in the midst of battle, where his duelist’s edge overwhelms all but the greatest of champions. Following the harrowing events of Isstvan V, he was gifted the Blade of the Laer by Fulgrim, and he wields it almost as effectively as the Primarch himself.

This model is resplendent in detail befitting the III Legion, down to his ornamented artificer armour and studded leather straps. Even his cloak’s gold trim is modelled on the miniature.

Quelle: Warhammer Community


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