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TTCombat: RUMBLESLAM Preview

TTCombat zeigen neue Miniaturen für RUMBLESLAM.

Revealed – New RUMBLESLAM Miniatures!

Back in April, we gave everyone a preview of a new Superstar on the RUMBLESLAM horizon, well he’s HERE!

Welcome to a RUMBLESLAM-orientated Teaser Tuesday as we have multiple new releases arriving in the TTCombat store this Friday. He’s Big, Brass, and the Ruler of an entire province, Tin Khan has arrived in the ring and he’s brought some friends with him.

Tin Khan

TTCombat Revealed – New RUMBLESLAM Miniatures! 1

You can now bring the regal Tin Khan to the ring! Whilst his kingdom is filled with other lumbering automatons, this sultan of the sands is ready to drop some Heavy Metal Beatdowns on anyone who enters the Diamond Oasis Casino.

Djinn Diesel

TTCombat Revealed – New RUMBLESLAM Miniatures! 2

This ancient being is all about, Itty Bitty Living Space, Phenomenal Cosmic Powerbombs, and FAMILY! Djinn Diesel is a support powerhouse and can even grant fellow friendly wrestlers, Three Wishes.


TTCombat Revealed – New RUMBLESLAM Miniatures! 4

One Thousand and One Fights, and The Katiator best make way for this new icon. Catalya is the most vibrant Feline to enter the Diamond Oasis ring now! Sporting her signature hair and jacket, this wrestler is more than just looks. A great all-rounder, she will be entering the ring this Friday.

Quelle: TTCombat


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