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The Drowned Earth: Neuheiten

Neue Dinos und eine neue Fraktion für The Drowned Earth.

Corsairs Starter 30023 JayJay 24350 JibbJibb 21750 MACHMach 84330 NoalaNoala 64191 UxhoUxho 71091

Corsairs Faction Starter Box – 44,95 GBP

This starter set for the Corsairs Faction contains 5 multi-part miniatures: Jay, Mach, Jibb, Noala and Uxhi.

At last! The release of the Corsairs faction. The Nova Corsairs are pirates, explorers and plunderers of the high seas! They can be used as a faction in their own right, or as part of a dedicated Wayfarer faction, without restriction (but not with any other faction).

They can also be used to replace the NPC Standees in Ulaya Chronicles: Raptor Claw Island or as protagonists in the Ulaya Chronicles: Search for the Ancient Gate mini-campaign.

Each model is also supplied with an appropriately sized base.  These models require assembly.

Baby Ceratops 25168 BabytopsBabytops 33676

Baby Ceratops: Adorable Herbivore – 12,95 GBP

The Ceratops Baby can be used as an objective marker or as a model in certain scenarios in both Ulaya Chronicles and The Drowned Earth. It is a multi-part white metal model and requires assembly.

This model is provided with a 30mm base.

Dilo Alpha 74977 DiloAlphaDiloAlpha 72432 Dilos 04758 Dilos1 33057 Dilos2 17896 DiloSetDiloSet 39665

Dilophosors Boxed Set – 34,95 GBP

The Dilophosors are faction neutral, and so can be used with any other factions, or as NPC models using the Ulaya Chronicles rules for A.I. Enemies.

Note that these are re-mastered and enlarged sculpts compared to the original Dilos- they are approximately 20% bigger and without tiny separate arms! Much easier assembly as well as more impressive on the tabletop..

This box contains four Dilophosors and one Dilophosor Alpha.  They are multi-part white metal models and require assembly.

Dilophosors Boxed Set contains five multi-part wargaming miniatures in 35mm scale. The box contains 4 30mm bases and one 40mm base. 

Yutta Alpha 04398 Yuttas1 22500 Yuttas2 34936 Yuttas3 40327 Yuttas4 49938 YuttaSetYuttaSet 10901 YuttasYuttaALPHA 07651

Yuttaraptors Boxed Set – 34,95 GBP

The Yuttaraptors are faction neutral, and so can be used with any other factions, or as NPC models using the Ulaya Chronicles rules for A.I. Enemies.

This box contains two Yuttaraptors and one Yuttaraptor Alpha, and the Yuttaraptor A.I. Deck. They are resin, multi-part models and require assembly.

Yuttaraptors Boxed Set contains three resin multi-part wargaming miniatures in 35mm scale. The box contains 2 40mm bases and one 50mm base. 

Ceratops 89627 CeratopsCeratops 75383 YuttasCeratops2 56447

Ceratops: Belligerent Herbivore – 29,95 GBP

The mighty Ceratops is faction neutral, and so can be used with any other factions, or as NPC models using the Ulaya Chronicles rules for A.I. Enemies.

This box contains a Ceratops model, 50mm base and Herbivore A.I. Deck. It is a resin, multi-part model and requires assembly.

AccessoriesAccessories 66411 AccessoryArmsAccessoryarm 42715 AccessoryHeadsAccessoryHea 82984 AccessoryWea 24822

Ulaya Hero Extra Accessories Pack – 12,95 GBP

The Hero Extras set contains three sprues. One of arms, one of heads and another of lose weapons, to help you build your Ulaya Chronicles heroes, or Drowned Earth troops, in various different ways. They are white metal and require assembly. These products require the Heroes of Ulaya boxed set.

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