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The Dragon Trappers Lodge: Juni Patreon

The Dragon Trappers Lodge haben im Juni wieder ein STL-Paket für ihr Patreonunterstützer zusammengestellt.

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Dragontrapperjunpat5 Dragontrapperjunpat4 Dragontrapperjunpat6 Dragontrapperjunpat68 Dragontrapperjunpat67 Dragontrapperjunpat66 Dragontrapperjunpat65 Dragontrapperjunpat62 Dragontrapperjunpat63 Dragontrapperjunpat64

Dragontrapperjunpat18 Dragontrapperjunpat19 Dragontrapperjunpat20 Dragontrapperjunpat21 Dragontrapperjunpat22 Dragontrapperjunpat23 Dragontrapperjunpat24 Dragontrapperjunpat25 Dragontrapperjunpat8 Dragontrapperjunpat7 Dragontrapperjunpat9 Dragontrapperjunpat26 Dragontrapperjunpat27 Dragontrapperjunpat28 Dragontrapperjunpat29 Dragontrapperjunpat30 Dragontrapperjunpat31

Dragontrapperjunpat10 Dragontrapperjunpat11 Dragontrapperjunpat12 Dragontrapperjunpat13 Dragontrapperjunpat14 Dragontrapperjunpat15 Dragontrapperjunpat16 Dragontrapperjunpat17

Dragontrapperjunpat32 Dragontrapperjunpat33 Dragontrapperjunpat34 Dragontrapperjunpat35 Dragontrapperjunpat36 Dragontrapperjunpat37

Dragontrapperjunpat43 Dragontrapperjunpat42 Dragontrapperjunpat41 Dragontrapperjunpat40 Dragontrapperjunpat39 Dragontrapperjunpat38

Dragontrapperjunpat52 Dragontrapperjunpat51 Dragontrapperjunpat50 Dragontrapperjunpat49

Dragontrapperjunpat53 Dragontrapperjunpat54 Dragontrapperjunpat55 Dragontrapperjunpat56 Dragontrapperjunpat57 Dragontrapperjunpat58 Dragontrapperjunpat59 Dragontrapperjunpat60 Dragontrapperjunpat61

Dragontrapperjunpat44 Dragontrapperjunpat45 Dragontrapperjunpat46 Dragontrapperjunpat47 Dragontrapperjunpat48

The Eldritch Lodge | RELEASE PREVIEW | JUNE 2022

Loyal Members of The Lodge,

It is my great honor to present you with the preview for the minis, monsters, and terrain of our June 2022 release: THE ELDRITCH LODGE.

We invite you to stay a few nights and enjoy the view from The Astral Lodge floating endlessly through this starry plane. This model is made for FDM printing and comes unsupported.

The first preview image is the VETERAN TIER: All of the miniatures, monsters, and Eldritch Dragon + The Astral Lodge and Floating Rock Terrain.

The second image is the EXPLORER TIER: Astral Lodge, Floating Rock Terrain, and Spell Effects.

The third image is the TRAPPER TIER: miniatures, monsters, and Eldritch Dragon

We can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on these models! We are honored to you are joining us on this journey to face Eldritch horrors.


Pongo, the Awakened

Honorable Veteran Trapper of the Astral Lodge
May Your Blades Stay Sharp and Your Flesh on Your Bones!

Quelle: The Dragon Trappers Lodge auf Patreon


Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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  • Die selbstkämpfenden Waffen… Und dann der Zauberer mit langem Haar und Gewand einen mächtigen Zauber wirkend… Kael’Thas! 🙂 Gefällt mir. 😀

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