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The Art of: Volumes 4-6 Kickstarter

Davy Taylor hat ein weiteres Projekt der Reihe The Art of… gestartet.

Und darum geht es:

DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 1 DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 2 DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 3


For more than 30 years I have spent a great deal of time talking with hundreds of artists who paint miniatures – for fun, for a living, for relaxation – and I am always intrigued to learn more about their philosophies, approaches, and processes. Some of these artists have spent decades refining their technical skills, while others bring their “traditional” art training to the miniatures world. Some draw inspiration from the most unusual of places, while others find it in popular culture turned on its head.

THE ART OF… series of books will highlight fantastic miniatures artists from around the world, bringing their thoughts and passions to stand alongside their magnificent and inspirational work. We’ll be featuring both individuals and groups in this series, as we explore innovative approaches, studied refinements, and even tangential influences.

These books will be both a celebration of the artist and their art, as well as an opportunity for them to present their thoughts on particular topics and let the world know why they approach their art the way they do. These will not be “How To” books, but rather complements to their existing outlets and work that the artists are already doing.

Following last year’s very successful Kickstarter campaign (and its fulfillment two months ago) this is the strengthening of THE ART OF… series. With so many wonderful miniatures artists, there is so much potential to explore.

Volume 4 – THE ART OF Chris Suhre

Chris Suhre is a wonderful miniatures painter from the US who has built an incredible portfolio of pieces from gaming models to elaborate dioramas to incredibly detailed stories in miniature form. He constantly refines his work and uses some very surprising techniques along the way.

Volume 4 will include:

  • Storytelling – Bringing disparate elements together to create a story
  • Composition – Using physical and contrast cues to guide the eye around a scene and create a focal point
  • Working and reworking – Taking the time to create the best result, and losing the fear of reworking it all


Volume 5 – THE ART OF Tommie Soule

Tommie Soule is a brilliant miniatures painter from the UK who has spent much of the last decade or so bringing his passion for painting to students around the world. One of the first miniatures painters to run weekend classes for large groups, Tommie (aka The Miniature Painting Tutor) has refined his thoughts on painting into a wonderful fundamentals course that he will be presenting in his book, along with a lot of his personal work. While most books in THE ART OF… series will not have a lot of technical instruction, this one is definitely different and works to demystify much of the jargon that can surround miniatures painting.

Volume 5 will include:

  • Mindset – Working on understanding Awareness and Choice
  • Setting Consistency – What happens on the Palette
    • Loading and Shaping the Brush – What happens between the palette and the model
  • Applying the Brush – What happens on the model


Volume 6 – THE ART OF… Seyni N’diaye

Seyni N’diaye is a passionate miniatures painter from France who has developing a following who love to devour his use of color, texture, and patterning. While many will know him for his signature interpretation of the Carcharadon Space Marines and his House Joolan projects, it is in his individual display pieces and dioramas that his exploration of color and texture can really stand out.

  • Tabletop Armies – A look at ways to take key elements and spread them across a large gaming force
  • Warbands – Evolving th Army ideas into more characterful displays
  • Dioramas – Refining your focus and stories
  • Display Painting – Taking bold steps to create your own style


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DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 9 DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 10

DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 11 DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 12 DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 13 DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 14 DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 15


Here we’ll link to various podcasts, videos, and other sources to get more info directly from the mouths of those involved.

  • For Chris Suhre chatting on The Miniature Podcast, you can click HERE.
  • For Dave Taylor chatting on the Listening to Paint Dry Podcast, you can click HERE.

Infos zum Versand:

DT THE ART OF Volumes 4 6 16

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 19 Tage.

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  • Cool 😃
    Habe mir hier in Deutschland bei einem Händler vor kurzem für 35€
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    Super Buch….
    Werde mir jetzt doch noch die anderen beiden Bücher, aus der ersten Reihe besorgen.
    Und dann warten bis die Drei Bücher hier zum kaufen gibt 😁

    • Man kann die ersten 3 Bücher hier im Handel ganz normal kaufen…
      Das Stück für 34,95€ glaube ich…

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