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Tangent Miniatures: Dystopia City

Tangent Minatures zeigt Previews ihres geplanten Regelwerks: Dystopia City.

Dystopia City Tangent 2 Dystopia City Tangent 1Dystopia City Tangent 4 Dystopia City Tangent 3
I am very fortunate to have the luxury of working with talented people on the development and future of Tangent. In addition to Carl Stoelzel on sculpts, Fish Lee on artwork, James Aldridge on 3D printing, Dave Ryan and Graham at Minifigs, the Griffin Castings crew and, soon, Joe Saleh at Lucid Eye, good friend and jolly nice chap Karl Perrotton has begun some initial WIP work on the ‚Dystopia City‘ rulebook, with the aim to blend a sense of grim reality and comic book action into the ’sandbox‘ DNA of the rules. Just take a look at these sample pages!

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