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Sláine: Neue Vorbestellungen

Warlord Games haben neue Modelle für Sláine vorgestellt.

WG Sláine The Miniatures Game Cosmic Battle Bundle 1

Sláine the Miniatures Game Cosmic Battle Bundle – €134,00 €117,00

The Sláine Miniatures Game expands with new and unique warriors for each of the warbands. Infuse the tabletop with new magics that allow the dead to stalk the battlefield once again. Fearsome warrior-witches, other-dimensional Els and Fomorian champions prove especially dangerous opponents in the clash of sword and sorcery.

Additionally call upon the favour of Carnun and carry the favour of bestial nature; both Drune and Earth Tribes can call upon these powers – the Beasts of the Forest set is free within this bundle.

Bundle contains the following:

  • Slaine – The Cauldron of Blood
  • Sláine – Drune Half Dead
  • Slaine – The Badb
  • Sláine – What the El?
  • Slaine – Fomorian Champions

Plus the following for free:

  • Sláine – Beasts of the Forest

WG Sláine The Miniatures Game Ultimate Collector's Bundle 1

Sláine the Miniatures Game Ultimate Collector’s Bundle – €372,00 €334,00

Sláine: Kiss My Axe! is a skirmish tabletop miniatures battle game for two or more players set in the fantasy world created by the legendary comic creators Pat Mills and Angela Kincaid. Axes and swords clash whilst Earth and Sour magic lash out across the Land of the Young, as the Earth Tribes of the goddess Danu battle the decaying Drune Lords and the relentless Fomorian Sea Demons.

Go beyond the Sláine starter set with the Ultimate Collector’s Bundle – take control of a small band of Earth Tribe, Drune, or Fomorian warriors and legendary heroes to lead them, as they fight for glory and survival in the mist-shrouded lands of Tir Nan Og and beyond.

As this is the Ultimate Collector’s Bundle we would be remiss not to include the Sláine the King special edition miniature originally only available alongside pre-orders of the Kiss My Axe starter set.

Additionally, the Beasts of the Forest & What the El? sets are free as part of this bundle.

Bundle contains the following:

  • Sláine – Kiss My Axe starter set
  • Sláine – Earth Tribes Warband
  • Sláine – Earth Tribes Heroes
  • Slaine – The Cauldron of Blood
  • Sláine – Drune Warband
  • Sláine – Drune Heroes
  • Sláine – Drune Half Dead
  • Sláine – The Badb
  • Sláine – Fomorian Sea Devils Warband
  • Sláine – Balor of the Evil Eye
  • Sláine – Fomorian Champions

Plus the following for free:

  • Sláine – Beasts of the Forest
  • Sláine – What the El?
  • Sláine the King special edition miniature

WG Sláine Beasts Of The Forest 1

Sláine – Beasts of the Forest – €17,00

The god of the animals and the forest is Carnun, Lord of Beasts. Just as nature is both beautiful and cruel, Carnun cannot be considered as good or evil, but an elemental force that must be reckoned with and appeased. Both the Earth Tribes and the Drunes offer worship to Carnun, and in reply the god may send his bestial minions to do the bidding of a petitioner. However, while Carnun may despatch bears and great-antlered stags to gouge and trample the foe, there are many smaller creatures such as wolves, badgers and porcupines that can present quite a threat, or rats, snakes and toads that overpower their victims in a vicious swarm.


  • Bear
  • Wolf
  • Porcupine
  • Wild Boar
  • 1 x unit card

WG Sláine Drune Half Dead 1

Sláine – Drune Half Dead – €31,00

Crom Cruach is the Time Worm, master of entropy and decay. With the power of the great worm the dead do not have to lie still but can be roused from their inanimation by Sour magic. They remember little but the most basic need to fight and kill, and their twitching limbs are of little skill compared to their prowess in life, but warriors of the Drunes can serve again as Half-Dead when summoned by a Drune Lord.

This boxed set contains the following Warlord Resin figures and plastic bases:

  • 6 x Drune Half Dead
  • 1 x unit card

WG Sláine What The El 1

Sláine – What the El? €21,00

A prince among the alien Dark-Els, Elfric was an utterly depraved being that lusted after death and devastation. A being of magical energy, his mortal incarnation was almost impossible to destroy with normal weapons, and many were the battles where his body was pierced a dozen times and more by sword, arrow or spear without harm. Elfric’s magic also manifested itself in the form of a deadly gaze from a gem-like third eye in his forehead that could shatter armour and boil away flesh. Only with great effort and the aid of many allies was Sláine able to halt Elfric’s rampages across space and time, yet the demonic being was never utterly destroyed and will doubtless return to plague humanity another day.

Els were creatures from another dimension that exists at a right angle to our own. Dark-Els were evil beings, intent on spreading destruction for Crom Cruach. Sometimes these took the form of seductive human women to lure their prey into traps. They were spiteful, deadly fighters possessed of otherworldly power, often underestimated because of their appearance. Yet when slain their true forms manifested, as their bodies reverted into bug-like abominations.


  • Elfric Serpent-Eye
  • 3 x El-Women
  • 1 x character card
  • 1 x unit card

WG Sláine Fomorian Champions 1

Sláine – Fomorian Champions – €17,00

Under Balor were a number of other important Fomorians, charged with brutalising the population and leading the Fomorian armies. These foul creatures thrived on the misery of their victims, collecting human tears to savour. By their commands were many of Danu’s followers put to the blade, hanged or burned alive, simply for the joy of causing death and mayhem.

This boxed set contains the following Warlord Resin figures and plastic bases:

  • 3 Fomorian Sea Demon Champions
  • 1 x unit card

WG Sláine The Badb 1

Sláine – The Badb – €17,00

Of the children chosen for sacrifice to the Lord Weird, those that caught his eye in some way were spared and raised as Drunes. Once grown to adulthood these formidable warrior-witches serve as priestesses and bodyguards to Slough Feg, utterly dedicated to the Lord Weird and the worship of Crom Cruach. Three of the Badb, Nemon the Venomous, Fea the Hateful and Catha the Fury, fought Sláine when he was to be sacrificed to the worm god in a vast wickerman.

This boxed set contains the following Warlord Resin figures and plastic bases:

  • 3 x Badb
  • 1 x unit card

WG Sláine The Cauldron Of Blood 1

Sláine – The Cauldron of Blood – €31,00

The most prized treasure of the Earth goddess Danu, the Cauldron of Blood was a sacred object that could offer up a never-ending supply of food. However, deep within its depths dwelt the spirit of the Goddess as Morrigan the Crone and her monstrous son Avagddu. Wielding the power of death, Morrigan could return a semblance of life to the fallen who were sacrificed to the cauldron. The Reborn were not truly alive but were more than capable of continuing the fight against their foes from beyond the grave.

Dedicated to Danu and to Lug the Sun God, Cathbad was the high druid of the Sessair and advisor to Sláine and his predecessor. Though many held him partly responsible for the capitulation of the Earth Tribes to the Fomorian tax collectors, he wielded considerable political and mystical power in the tribe.

This boxed set contains the following Warlord Resin figures and plastic bases:

  • 1 x Cathbad the Druid
  • 1 x Cauldron of Blood
  • 4 x Cauldron Reborn
  • 1 x character card
  • 2 x unit cards

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  • Diese hässlichen 90er Jahre Klumpen werden dem legendären Comic leider nicht gerecht.

      • Für Ewig-gestrige passt es in der Tat wie die Faust aufs Auge.

        Wer heute noch seine Bases kreischend Grün gestaltet, hat die letzten 20 Jahre wohl verschlafen Das ist demnach genau die Zielgruppe, auf die der Hersteller abzielt.

      • Jemand im Hobby als ewig gestrigen zu bezeichnen weil er andere Stile mag ist schon sehr fragwürdig.

      • Ja aber ich liebe auch Rand und Nischensysteme, muss ja nicht jedem gefallen.
        Mir fehlt manchmal bei den sehr gestylt glatten Minis was

      • Ach Leute: nicht den Troll füttern. Vor allem nicht, wenn es so offensichtlich ist.

        Die Minis sind klasse. Und ja: ich bemal meine Bases auch noch hellgrün, brushe den Sand mit Gelb und habe eine Vollzinnchaosarmee, die aussieht wie aus einem KISS Video.

        Weils mir Spaß macht;)

  • Ich finde die cool und sollte bald meine Fomori bekommen. Hat schon jemand Erfahrung die Regeln ausprobiert?

    • Das wollt ich Dich fragen ob ihr es schon ausprobiert habt 😉
      Vermutlich werd ich mir das auch gönnen, minis sind fluffig.

      • Hab sie erst heute bekommen, aber auf den ersten Blick sind die Fomorians super. Passen auch als Bronzezeit Deep Ones. 🙂

  • Tatsächlich kenne ich den Comic nicht, die Minis finde ich aber fetzig.
    Würde ich gerne kaufen, leider landen die dann wieder nur auf dem lead mountain.
    Trotzdem richtig cool!

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