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Rivenstone: Kickstarter Previews

Broken Anvil haben ihren nächsten Kickstarter angekündigt.

BA Broken Anvil Rivenstone 1

Get Ready for Rivenstone: A Brand New Tabletop Skirmish Wargame

by Broken Anvil

BA Broken Anvil Rivenstone 2

The Broken Anvil Miniatures Team is proud to present RIVENSTONE, a brand new tabletop miniature skirmish wargame featuring highly detailed miniatures and thrilling tempo-based gameplay—launching soon on Kickstarter!

Our team of veteran artists, designers, and developers have poured their combined decades of experience and heaps of enthusiasm into the creation of Rivenstone over nearly two years, resulting in the game we’ve always wanted to play. Now, we’re bringing it to you—the community we love—to enjoy and experience for yourself.

BA Broken Anvil Rivenstone 3

Every Faction Starter Box contains all the components you need to challenge a friend on the tabletop for just $99: rules, tokens and accessories, measuring tools, and a complete warband of high quality minis. The ready-to-play starter and low model count required for battle allows players to assemble, paint, and get to the table quickly.

BA Broken Anvil Rivenstone 7

While demo players have raved about the fast-paced and relentless fun of Rivenstone, it isn’t just a game. It’s an introduction to a fantastic new domain; the world of Venn. Our team at BAM HQ continues to expand Venn every day as we develop future releases, weaving together rich lore and creating compelling characters to connect players to Rivenstone beyond the tabletop.

BA Broken Anvil Rivenstone 4

Rivenstone is an alternating activation, skirmish-style wargame. The rules are easy to understand and play, with loads of strategic depth to explore and experience on the tabletop. Reinforcement mechanics prevent a player from losing to attrition, creating a game focused on tempo based decisions and tactical planning instead.

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Interessiert? Hier gibt es eine ganze Datenbank mit Artikeln und Infos:

Get ready for Rivenstone

Quelle: Broken Anvil


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