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Reinhardt’s Company: Indiegogo Kampagne

Auf Indiegogo wird eine Söldnerkompanie zum selbst drucken finanziert.

Reinhardt's Company 1

Reinhardt’s Company

A complete mercenerary’s army set for your games. Build and mercenary army or even a city guard.

„Morgan Reinhardt is a renowned mercenary commander who offers the services of his army to the highest bidder. His regular army is well-trained and well-equipped, but if you have enough gold, Reinhardt can get you whatever you need.

Do you need artillery to besiege a city? Or maybe you also need a witch hunter to kick out the vampire who has taken control of a city? Perhaps a priest could come in handy to face some demons?

It doesn’t matter what your cause or mission is; if you have enough gold you can hire his services and ensure victory.“

Reinhardt’s Company is a complete mercenary army set with nods to our favorite 90’s games. Join the company and let’s make it huge!

The Models

Reinhardt's Company 2 Reinhardt's Company 3

Reinhardt’s cavalry and Morgan Reinhardt himself.

Reinhardt's Company 4 Reinhardt's Company 5

Reinhardt’s Infantry

Reinhardt's Company 6 Reinhardt's Company 7

Reinhardt’s Crossbowmen

Reinhardt's Company 8 Reinhardt's Company 9

Reinhardt’s Cannon

Scale and Prints

Reinhardt's Company 10 Reinhardt's Company 11

Stretch Goals

Reinhardt's Company 12 Reinhardt's Company 13 Reinhardt's Company 14 Reinhardt's Company 15

Die Kampagne ist noch nicht finanziert und läuft noch 6 Tage.

Quelle: Reinhardt’s Company bei Indiegogo


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