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Piano Wargames: The Alps aflame Kickstarter

Der neue Kickstarter von Piano Wargames ist da.

PW The Alps Aflame 1

The Alps Aflame – The Tyrolean Rebellion of 1809

Welcome to my latest Kickstarter campaign!

With this project I want to finally realise the Tyrolean Rebellion of 1809. The project has been planned in my head for a long time, probably even before my first sculpted figures. Alpine landscape, Bavaria, Austria and freedom-loving peasants with scythes and pitchforks… Definitely a must for me as a Bavarian!

And of course lots of colourful characters: Andreas Hofer, Joachim Haspinger, Josef Speckbacher or Martin Teimer. Just to name a few who made a name for themselves in the rebellion and were downright stylised as folk heroes afterwards.

The Tyrolean Rebellion of 1809 is considered one of the most significant and at the same time bloodiest uprisings against Napoleonic rule. It could only be ended after three traumatising offensives by the Bavarians and the French, countless small skirmishes, major battles and more than ten thousand casualties.

Hence the name of this wargaming project – The Alps Aflame – as John H. Gill so fittingly wrote in his fantastic book „With Eagles to Glory“.

With this project, I would like to bring the events of the Tyrol of 1809 back to life and allow you to replay the myriad conflicts of the rebellion on the wargaming table. For this purpose I have created my largest number of miniatures to date, more than 180 figures in 38 new sets.

PW The Alps Aflame 2

Why Kickstarter?

This campaign finances the production of the figures in metal (master prints, moulds, casting etc.). The production costs are still relatively high for my small company, especially for that amount of figures! That’s why I am using Kickstarter for this, which minimises the losses should the campaign not be successful.

Now it’s your turn!

I hope you like the new miniatures!

This time sculpting and researching was extra fun and I hope my enthusiasm for the setting comes across.

If you want to make this and future projects of mine possible, I would be very happy about your support! Not only do you invest in a few new figures, but you also enable me to continue working full time on exciting projects.

Feel free to share it with your friends, it would mean a lot to me! I already have big plans for next year, there´s a lot more to discover in 1809. Some minor nations, but also the whole army of Austria (Hungarians, Hussars… So many great units in there!) and of course France…

For supporters outside of the EU: 

At the bottom of this page you will find a short paragraph about shipping outside the EU. Please read the passage, there is good news!

PW The Alps Aflame 3

Und das sind die Modelle:

PW The Alps Aflame 4 PW The Alps Aflame 5 PW The Alps Aflame 6 PW The Alps Aflame 7 PW The Alps Aflame 8 PW The Alps Aflame 9

PW The Alps Aflame 10 PW The Alps Aflame 11 PW The Alps Aflame 12 PW The Alps Aflame 13 PW The Alps Aflame 14 PW The Alps Aflame 15

PW The Alps Aflame 16 PW The Alps Aflame 17 PW The Alps Aflame 18 PW The Alps Aflame 19 PW The Alps Aflame 20

Die Modelle gibt es nicht nur aus Metall, sondern auch als STLs:

PW The Alps Aflame 21 PW The Alps Aflame 22 PW The Alps Aflame 23 PW The Alps Aflame 24

Free Flags

All supporters will again recieve a free PDF with flags for Bavaria, Austria and the Tyrol.

These can be printed out at home and will be uploaded for free to  http://pianowargames.de/  when the campaign has ended.

PW The Alps Aflame 25

Und hier kommen die Stretch Goals:

PW The Alps Aflame 26 PW The Alps Aflame 27 PW The Alps Aflame 28 PW The Alps Aflame 29 PW The Alps Aflame 30 PW The Alps Aflame 31 PW The Alps Aflame 32 PW The Alps Aflame 33 PW The Alps Aflame 34 PW The Alps Aflame 35 PW The Alps Aflame 36 PW The Alps Aflame 37 PW The Alps Aflame 38

Einen Größenvergleich gibt es auch:

PW The Alps Aflame 40

Regarding Shipping: 

As most of you know, shipping has become increasingly difficult.

Nevertheless, I try to ship everything to your satisfaction and as quickly as possible.

I have indicated April 2023 for the physical rewards. However, my  caster wants to try to have everything ready by march. I hope this works out and I can send the things earlier, as usual! But that´s of course depending on the success of this campaign.

But just to be on the safe side, I’ve put down April.

Please note that there could be a country-specific VAT, other taxes  or import fees collected by your local authorities, depending on your  location. These are not included within the shipping fees. It is  possible that you’ll have to  pay these charges to the courier or local  custom services.


This time I would like to approach the problem with VAT a little differently. Many of you were lucky in the past and didn’t have to pay anything, others did… But with the experience from my shop I will do it differently now.

So this time I will refund you the VAT costs if you get additional costs. 

However, only the VAT costs, i.e. the sales tax, no other possible costs of the transport company.

So if you get an invoice for the VAT because you´re outside the EU, send me an email with a picture of the invoice and I will refund the amount here on Kickstarter! 🙂

Important notice for backers from the UK with physical items:

Due to current customs laws, I am unfortunately only able to send parcels to the UK if the value of goods is £135 or above.

Please keep that in mind. If at the end of the campaign, with all the   addons added, you do not reach around 160 Euros (with shipping), I may  not be able to ship and will have to transfer the money back to you or  find a different solution.

I apologise very much for this, but there is no other way for me at the moment.

PW The Alps Aflame 41

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 22 Tage.

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  • Sehr schöne stimmige Modelle. Lobenswert, dass sich mal ein Designer um wenig beackerte Nischen Felder kümmert. Vor allem die Zivilisten gefallen mir sehr.

  • Die Figuren sind einfach der Hammer. Auch wenn ich beim letzten KS von ihm passen musste, jetzt bin ich wieder dabei.
    Ich habe gut gebackt und weiß nur noch nicht, wann ich das alles mal bemalen soll 🙄
    Aber egal, dieses Talent muss man unterstützen, vor allem weil es nicht teuer und mit Zoll importiert werden muss 😏

  • Schaut wirklich alles großartig aus!
    Die Zivilisten und das Marterl sind spitze. Als Österreicher finde ich es gut mit sowas etwas einheimisches Flair auf den Spieltisch zu bringen. 🙂

  • Geniale Miniaturen. Der hat das echt drauf. Und wenn man sich später mit Minis bei ihm eindecken möchte, dann ist der Preissprung von Kickstarter zu seinem Shop echt human. Pro Set gerade mal einen € mehr. Das ist voll ok. Vor allem weil ich mir schon selber ein Weihnachtsgeschenk gegönnt habe. Noch eines wäre dann zuviel. Aber dann im nächsten Jahr … 😀

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