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Necromunda: The Matriarch’s Blade Preview

Mit The Matriarch’s Blade wird ein neues Charaktermodell aus dem Haus Escher für Necromunda angekündigt.

House Escher’s Top Bodyguard Protects Her Matriarch One Slice at a Time

Necromunda is gearing up for its biggest upheaval in millennia, as the Aranthian Succession rages in the wake of the opening of the Great Rift. Major movers and shakers are going all in on powerplays that could reshape the planet itself – and as Adina, the Matriarch Primus of House Escher, bids for influence over squabbling nobles, her gene-sister Athera stands ready to brutalise those who’d do the young Matriarch harm.

Games Workshop House Escher’s Top Bodyguard Protects Her Matriarch One Slice At A Time 1

The Matriarch’s Blade has been at Adina’s side since her ascension to the Council of Crones. Known across Necromunda as a deadly fighter with her master-crafted chainaxe, Athera often acts as her sister’s proxy in matters of honour, allowing her to single out an enemy ganger with a challenge – and gain bonuses while they occupy her full attention.

Wherever Athera goes, her Caryatid companion Stix is never far behind. These strange winged creatures are said to sense ill fortune – a trait especially valued by the Escher – and their forewarnings are prized in the ever-dangerous underhive.

Games Workshop House Escher’s Top Bodyguard Protects Her Matriarch One Slice At A Time 2

House Escher gangs can petition Athera and Stix for aid as a House Agent, while players taking part in a Succession Campaign from Cinderak Burning can enlist their services regardless of their gang – providing they side with a certain rogue noble’s rebellion…

Athera and Stix join Vespa ‘Minx’ Merdena and the Escher Cutter jetbikes as part of the upcoming narrative expansion for Necromunda in The Aranthian Succession: Cinderak Burning. The succession crisis will shake Necromunda to the core.

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