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Necromunda: Ripperjacks Preview

Mit dem Beastmaster kommt ein neuer Mietling für Necromunda, der auch gleich in Begleitung eines klassischen Monsters daherkommt, dem Ripperjack.

Does Your Gang Need a Mascot? The Outland Beastmaster Can Sort You Out

Life on Necromunda is rat-eat-rat. The endless churn of back-stabbing and bursts of all-out gang warfare displace whole communities further and further into the underhive –deep into the forgotten places where vermin crawl, chitter, and gnaw.

But what if these vile critters were a help rather than a lethal hindrance? This ethos has kept the Outland Beastmasters in business for centuries.

Forge World Does Your Gang Need A Mascot The Outland Beastmaster Can Sort You Out 1

Using ancient animal husbandry wisdom handed down throughout history (and their trusty shock staves), Beastmasters tame the fauna of Necromunda to do their bidding. These pets include gigantic hive rats, rock-skinned millisaurs, and the adorable ripperjacks.

Beastmasters command these winged delights with animal calls, siccing them on unwary gangers for giggles and credits*. Should their pets fail to get the job done, their shock stave and sawn-off shotgun should be enough to finish the job.

Forge World Does Your Gang Need A Mascot The Outland Beastmaster Can Sort You Out 2

Ripperjacks are such an ever-present threat on Necromunda that every ganger knows to check the ceiling of any dome they enter – there’s nothing worse than a skull full of teeth dropping on you!

Ripperjacks have the gift of Flight, and can also smother their targets with an Enveloping Attack. All that time spent living with ripperjacks has taught their Beastmasters a thing or two, and they get the Catfall skill to keep up with their leathery pals.

Forge World Does Your Gang Need A Mascot The Outland Beastmaster Can Sort You Out 3

Keep some credits aside – you’ll be able to hire the Outlander Beastmaster and a pair of cuddly ripperjacks soon.** All three are cast in resin.

* Truly the two greatest reasons for doing anything on Necromunda.

** They’re the ones that do the cuddling.

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