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Necromunda: Goliath Forge Boss Preview

Aus den Schmieden von Forge World kommt in der nahen Zukunft der Forge Boss für die Goliath, bereit die Feinde des Hauses der Ketten zurück in die Dunkelheit der Unterwelt von Necromunda zu treiben.

The New Goliath Forge Boss is Coming to Renderize the Entire Underhive

The Champions in Goliath gangs always have one eye on eventually succeeding their Forge Tyrant as gang leader, and the other on smashing up other fighters in the here and now. The new Goliath Forge Boss is especially good at the latter.

Forge World The New Goliath Forge Boss Is Coming To Renderize The Entire Underhive 1

As you can see from his bionic arm, he’s clearly been in the wars – but you should have seen the other guy! His huge renderizer – that double-headed, serrated axe – can chop through anyone foolish enough to get too close, but he’s also deadly at a distance. Whether at short range with his combi-pistol – which pairs up a bolt pistol and hand flamer – or at medium range with his combi-weapon of bolter and grenade launcher.*

Forge World The New Goliath Forge Boss Is Coming To Renderize The Entire Underhive 2

This Champion is a great addition to the Goliath gang kit and can really personalise your gang – especially if you let them bring along a pet Sumpkroc.

The new resin Goliath Champion will be available to pre-order from Forge World soon.

* You may think he has too many weapons but the Goliath gene-smiths have been hard at work to ensure their muscle-bound fighters can carry even more equipment, as you’ll see in an Apocrypha Necromunda very soon.

Quelle: Warhammer Community


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