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Multiverse: Ancient Starport Kickstarter

Multiverse haben einen neuen Kickstarter am laufen für Gelände 3D Druck-Dateien.


Ancient Starport is a range of space fantasy terrain for tabletop gaming. Consisting of a dozen kits, including standalone models, modular sets of walls, houses and terraces, and scatter pieces and accessories, this range will allow you to build some truly impressive tables for any game set in a space fantasy/space opera setting!

All the kits will be delivered as STL files designed for the popular 28-35mm miniature ranges.


An example of the table you can build with the Ancient Starport models.

At the final stretch of the campaign the range currently includes over two dozen sets of models, with 100+ STL files to be delivered. Help us unlock the two final Stretch Goals – the Port Authority HQ and the Smuggling Freighter!

Core Sets

Multiversestarport3 Multiversestarport4

Unlocked Stretch Goals

Multiversestarport5 Multiversestarport6

+3 unlocks from the Mini-Goals:

  • rooftop walkways
  • access stairs for walkways and modular market
  • 1 additional Cargo Stack


Pledge Levels

There are three basic pledge levels available in this campaign:

  • Bo’Ghtan’s Antiquities

This pledge includes the Bo’Ghtan’s Antiquities standalone set, a perfect centerpiece for your gaming table!

Preis: 10,00 EUR

  • Starport Citizen

This pledge includes the twelve (12) sets of files designed for FDM printing:

Standalone Structures: Bo’Ghtan’s Antiquities, Landing Pad, Seeb’s Workshop

Vehicles: Cargo Hauler

Modular Sets: Starport Houses, Docking Bay/Courtyard, Starport Terraces, Starport Walls

Scatter Terrain: Meeting Places, Cargo Stacks, Lamps & Flags, Wall Greebles

You will also receive any Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign.

Preis: 35,00 EUR

  •  Starport Merchant (Commercial Pledge)

This pledge includes all the files from Starport Citizen tier and all the unlocked Stretch Goals. You will also receive a lifelong license to sell prints of any and all of the kits from this campaign.

Preis: 195,00 EUR



Multiversestarport9 Multiversestarport10 Multiversestarport11 Multiversestarport12

The Landing Pad is a bit more versatile than the other standalone kits. It includes separate pieces like the blast shields, hanging cables, a ramp to be used with the pad as a ground level piece (without the tower) and the OpenLOCK-based extension piece, allowing you, well, extend the size of the landing pad itself.  And if we’re talking about modular sets…


The Modular Starport Houses set is designed to fill out a table quickly. There are 28 modules in the set:

  • 10 styles of rings, with and without an entrance slot (20 modules total)
  • 3 styles of roofs (3 modules total)
  • 3 styles of entrances (3 modules total)
  • 1 textured floor
  • 1 alternative OpenLOCK connector with chamfered edges for floor-to-floor connections

The rings and roofs connect with a OpenLOCK clips, allowing you to adjust the style and height of the houses.


The Courtyard/Docking bay is a true beast of a kit – and it’s no surprise it features so prominently on the pics we took for this campaign! Designed to hold a larger spaceship or just wall off a section of a table, the courtyard set includes 17  OpenLOCK-based modules:

  • Straight Wall, Bottom Section (2 style variants)
  • Straight Wall, Top Section (2 style variants)
  • Corner Wall, Bottom Section (2 style variants)
  • Corner Wall, Top Section (2 style variants)
  • Arch, Bottom Section (2 left, 2 right variants)
  • Arch, Top Section (2 style variants)
  • Wall Topper, Straight (2 variants)
  • Wall Topper, Corner (1 variant)


The Modular Terraces are our answer to a truly ancient wargaming conundrum: how do you add hills to a urban table setup? The set includes nine modules designed to sit flush next to each other on the tabletop:

  • 4 corner modules (2 with stairs)
  • 4 side modules (1 with stairs)
  • 1 internal module with just the brickwork and the inscriptions


The Starport Walls will provide some much needed cover during firefights in your starport! The set includes 6 OpenLOCK-based modules (short section, long section, gate, corner, two wall caps) and three inserts designed to be printed flat on your printer’s bed.  Holes at the top of each module allow you to thread a piece of filament there and hang flags, lamps and charms to each module.

Speaking about lamps, flags and various other small things:


Scattered throughout the starport, the Meeting Places serve not only as spots where you can wait for the next flight or meet up with a contact, but also as message boards and broadcast hubs for the local authorities. Includes 3 different meeting places.

This set includes 7 separate cargo models and 4 stacks that are already assembled as a solid mesh.


The smallest set in this campaign, Lamps and Flags will allow you to add a bit of flavour to the arches and porches on the kits. The courtyard, the Bo’Ghtan’s Antiquities and the Seeb’s Workshop feature a special array that the lamps can attach to – but you can just use a piece of wire, thread or a hobby chain to hang them there.

Multiversestarport20 Multiversestarport21

Free Model

Multiversestarport22 Multiversestarport23

Want to try out our range before you pledge? We’ve got you covered! Download the free Spaceport Hovel model by clicking the image below and print away!

Stretch Goals

While the core set includes a hefty number models, with your help the range can be expanded with even more sets! These are all at a concept stage (hence the sketches instead of renders) – the reason for using Kickstarter for this project is that I need some runway to get more models ready (and you can get more bang for your buck in the process).

Multiversestarport24 Multiversestarport25 Multiversestarport26 Multiversestarport27


The Ancient Starport was first planned as part of the quite popular laser cut Galaxy at War range that we’ve released back in 2018 – but with the proliferation of desktop 3D printers (and the impressive detail they can achieve nowadays), I’ve decided to do this range as 3D-printable STLs instead.

All the kits have been designed with home 3D printing in mind:

  •  no slicer support needed (parts are either self-supporting or come pre-supported)
  •  pre-cut into parts – even the largest ones fit onto a 200x200mm print bed
  •  exaggerated details that look good at 0,2mm layer height


All the buildings have removable roofs and accessible interiors. Moreover, they are all provided in two versions: one with fully sculpted interior and one with a hollow one, to save on the material and printing time.


While all the kits have been designed with FDM printing in mind, they can be printed in resin with some additional work.


About us


While I often use the collective ‚we‘ in company communication, Multiverse (previously: Multiverse Gaming), is – and has always been – a strictly one-man operation. After a couple of years of running a blog focusing on my 15mm miniature projects (multiverse15.blogspot.com), I’ve established Multiverse in 2015 as a company focusing on laser-cut HDF scenery. I’ve been working on my digital sculpting skills since March 2020 and started releasing first 3D-printable sets in 2021. Metropolis, a range of Art Deco scenery was my first large STL-only project and my first Kickstarter campaign as a creator. I hope you like what I came up with for this project and decide to support my little venture 🙂

Andrzej Probulski


Terms of Use

We release our products under the CC-BY-NC license, which means you can modify, use, and display these models for personal use. You cannot sell the digital and/or printed copies or earn money with them.

You can get a lifetime commercial license on ALL models included in this campaign with the Tattered Townhouse (Commercial License) pledge. This waives the „Non-Commercial“ stipulation attached to our designs, though we would still like an attribution in item description on any page you will use to sell the prints. The items you will sell must be finished, 3D-printed products (re-sales of files themselves is prohibited).

We keep the list of all the licensed printers with links to the stores on our page at multiverse-store.com, so people looking to obtain physical prints can get them directly from you.

Quelle: Multiverse auf Kickstarter


Brückenkopf-Redakteur und Miniature-Painting-Streamer. Wiedereinstieg ins Hobby 2015 nach sehr langer Pause. Spielt Warhammer 40k, SAGA, Star Wars Legion, Summoners uvm.

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