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Minis from The Middle Age: Kickstarter läuft

Es gibt Minis zum Webcomic The Middle Age.

Minis From The Middle Age 1

Hi! My name is Steve Conley and I’m the writer and illustrator of The Middle Age, a fantasy webcomic following the adventures of a middle-aged knight. The Middle Age webcomic is free to read online and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I hope you will.

This Kickstarter is to create a set of high-quality, tabletop/gaming miniatures based on the characters from The Middle Age. I sculpted each of these minis myself (using the Nomad Sculpt app on an iPad Pro). These first four figures include:

  •  Sir Quimp: Our hero. A middle-aged knight who is stuck with cursed, talking sword.
  •  Melvwyn the Magnificent: An Intoximancy Wizard and the less-famous half-brother of Merlin.
  •  Baby dragon Jarn: A recently-hatched whelp who has just learned how to belch fire.
  •  Bob: A mysterious multi-armed messenger who speaks only via text. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll find Bob waiting.

Die Pledges:

Minis From The Middle Age 2 Minis From The Middle Age 3

Stretch Goals:

Minis From The Middle Age 4

Minis From The Middle Age 5

If the campaign can reach $6,000, we’ll unlock the add-on of Waddlebottom, The Lord of All Ducks!

95% of the work is done! I like to make sure my Kickstarter projects are mostly complete before my campaigns launch.

I’m working with Trenchworx (who I know from their great work casting minis for Matt Colville and MCDM). I’ve already commissioned the creation of master prints and have received and approved the figures for production.  I’m stunned by the clarity of the miniatures‘ details (you can see them below)!

The only step left is to run this Kickstarter campaign to discover how many minis to make! 🙂

Minis From The Middle Age 6

Here are character profile cards with 5E-compatible stats blocks for Sir Quimp, Melvwyn, Baby Dragon Jarn, and Bob. This is a PDF file.

Minis From The Middle Age 7

Click to download the character cards/stat-blocks PDF

The larger figures are close to the 32mm „heroic“-standard for tabletop roleplaying game miniatures and comes with a standard-size, 1-inch base.

These resin minis come unpainted and unassembled with individual elements designed to align rather easily. The components are securly packed in sealed baggies inside a cardboard box. Sir Quimp’s figure – with all the arrows sticking out of him – has the most component pieces (nine!) whereas Baby Dragon Jarn has just two.

I found assembling the figures to be a lot of fun. I’m a crafting noob and had never assembled minis before. It took me a little over an hour to put all four together – to cut the elements off the „sprues“ and glue them together (admittedly pausing often to take photos). I’m putting together a post about the process and some tips for assembly (like the glue I used).

If you’re not a crafter or simply don’t want to assemble the figures, I recommend getting the STL files and having them 3D resin-printed. STL files come „unsupported.“

Minis From The Middle Age 8

Die Kampagne läuft noch 22 Tage.

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