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Maxim City: Kickstarter läuft

Maxim City ist ein Kickstarter für digitale STLs Dateien von Sci-Fi Gebäuden, die sich u.a. an Spieler von Riesen-Roboter Spielen in 6mm wenden.

Das Projekt:

The purpose of this project is a little bit of a passion project of mine, I’ve always wanted to create a detailed set of buildings/cityscape for 6mm games, specifically Battletech, and up until recently time hasn’t allowed that.  You get a great assortment of different structures, most on the larger side of things.

I’ve strived to the best of my ability to create buildings that look detailed but will still allow users of FDM printers to print them without a hassle. Resin printers are also an option, but please keep in mind that some of the structures are very large. I’ve included hex skirted and non skirted options for all files.

Supporting this project is granting me reward for something that I’ve worked quite hard on, and will allow me to add further rewards during the campaign. If numbers are met, plans are in motion to add quite a few more exciting pieces to the already expansive package.

Below are some of the renders of what you will receive, and what you can print, a fair amount of work has gone into each one, to allow for printability on FDM machines, will still retaining a high level of detail. All files are available with or without hex skirting for your convenience, please scroll down to find additional information.

Please note that this is a kickstarter for STL files, (digital) not physical copies. And all pledges will be delivered via minihoarder.



Mega Hab block

Fuel Refinery

Commercial Tower – As you can see some of the structures have flat areas included for Jump Jet playability

Large Office Tower – Some files may be subject to small changes, to allow easier printing or purely because of design aesthetic

HPG relay – The largest of the structures, suitable for mech on mech jump jet combat

Maxim City KS2.jpg Maxim City KS3.jpg Maxim City KS4.jpg Maxim City KS5.jpg Maxim City KS6.jpg



Science center

Operations center

Ore Grinder/processor

Chemical Factory

Maxim City KS7.jpg Maxim City KS8.jpg Maxim City KS9.jpg Maxim City KS10.jpg Maxim City KS11.jpg


Broadcast tower

Mansion with Helipad

Military vehicle garage

Military checkpoint

Small radar station

Communication station

Field outpost

Maxim City KS12.jpg Maxim City KS13.jpg Maxim City KS14.jpg Maxim City KS15.jpg Maxim City KS16.jpg Maxim City KS17.jpg Maxim City KS18.jpg


Maxim City KS19.jpg Maxim City KS20.jpg Maxim City KS21.jpg Maxim City KS22.jpg Maxim City KS23.jpg Maxim City KS24.jpg Maxim City KS25.jpg Maxim City KS26.jpg

Pledge Level:

Green Pilot 12,00 AUD

Receive all 5 buildings specified in the first tier of rewards. All models come with the option of standard base, or hex skirting. Your support allows me to continue creating.

Veteran Pilot 20,00 AUD

Get access to 15 of the structures from the specified tiers, sets 1 through to 3, all buildings come with optional hex skirting. Also unlock any and all stretch goals as a reward for your wonderful support.

Mech Warrior 34,00 AUD

You’re the best the Inner Sphere has to offer! Get access to all buildings, tiers 1 through to 5, and access all future stretch goals. Thanks so much for your support.


  • Digital files for listed structures.


Maxim City KS27.png Maxim City KS28.png Maxim City KS29.png


Maxim City KS30.jpg Maxim City KS31.jpg Maxim City KS32.jpg Maxim City KS33.jpg Maxim City KS1.jpg


Stand 2000,00+ AUD von 4.500 AUD

Ende: March 25 2022 10:39 PM CET – Yeah, noch fast zwei Monate…

Link: Maxim City KS



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  • Für mich die bisher die schönsten Gebäude, die ich für BattleTech/Mechazeugs gesehen habe. Gefällt mir richtig gut. Würde ich noch aktiv DZC spielen, müsste ich wohl direkt zuschlagen.

  • Die Gebäude gefallen mir. Mal etwas andere neben den Steel Warrior Studios Gebäuden. Den Kickstarter unterstütze ich.

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