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Malifaux: Nightmare Edition Preview

Wyrd zeigen neue Previews für die diesjährige Nightmare-Edition.

Hey Wyrdos!

This week, Joss when we thought we got to the K.O.R.E. of preventing Waldo’s machinations, he tried making a trebuchet out of office supplies. All of us became Watchers as Waldo’s contraption somehow flung itself into the air and left its paper ammunition on the ground. We all think it’ll need some Creative Salvage to get working again. Despite its spectacular failure, the trebuchet got us all in a medieval mood.

Every year, we release alternate models for an existing crew box. These Nightmare Editions offer you different and visually stunning ways to play your favorite Masters and crews. Last year we had the Deepest Depths show us what lurks below; now, we journey to the far corners of legend once more. A castle rumored to have a mind of its own, a prince driven mad by forbidden knowledge, and his loyal servants Augmented so their forms can serve new purposes…

Let’s take a look at this year’s Nightmare Edition models, and what’s in their first box, The Fallen Kingdom:

WY Malifaux The Fallen Kingdom 1

As you might’ve guessed, the Augmented Keyword have gotten brand-new Nightmare looks:

  • Emaciated Hollow Fiends fly overhead instead of Watchers.
  • Joss and Melissa K.O.R.E. are represented by the colossal Porphyrion and the elegant Weeping Huntress, respectively.
  • Little Stiltzkin has replaced the Mechanical Attendant, though we’re sure he’ll receive just as much love.
  • Leading this force is Charles Hoffman, Inventor’s alternate, Lord Galehault, Fallen Prince. This is the first time we’ve included Titles in the Nightmare Editions, so you can bring either version of the Guild’s beloved engineer onto the field.

WY Malifaux The Fallen Kingdom 2

If you’re looking to expand the Keyword, you’ll want to pick up their second box, Legend Reforged. This contains:

  • The mighty Galvanic Wyrm is an imposing and dangerous replacement for a Peacekeeper.
  • Lord Galehault himself, represents Charles Hoffman’s original version.

This fiendishly handsome prince and his drake will be available for purchase online and at Gen Con as well.

WY Malifaux The Fallen Kingdom 3

If you are looking to further expand your collection, The Walking Fortress box will be available later this year for Black Friday. It contains three Juggernauts, who serve as alt Riotbreakers.

Lastly, it wouldn’t be a Gen Con celebration without a Miss model! Miss Tique takes to the stage this year as an alt Carlos Vasquez, ready to put the burn on her competition. For every $100 spent during Gen Con 2022, orders will get 1 Miss Tique included for free. Spend $200, get 2; spend $300, get 3, and so on. Miss Tique will also be available to purchase by herself, if you’re not looking to grab up lots of reinforcements.

WY Malifaux The Fallen Kingdom 4

These unassembled boxes and more will be available on our webstore (and in person at Gen Con) during our Gen Con sale. This sale will last from Wednesday, August 3rd – Sunday, August 7th, so make sure you’ve got your wish lists sorted!

That’s all for this week, Wyrdos. Next time, we’ll have a full breakdown of everything that will be available for sale, including a very curious group indeed…

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